« my favorite youtubers !! »

hello everyone :) today i thought i would write a post about my current favorite youtubers and explain why i never want to miss one of their videos.

there’s thousands of creators on youtube, and i think the idea of it in itself is pretty cool. individuals creating their own space and building their own platform using their ideas and creativity.

it still does amaze me how successful some of these even young adults can accomplish on their own.

i’m just gonna go ahead and get right into it.

unnamed (2).jpg

1) emma chamberlain
emma never fails to make me laugh. she’s very much herself, even in front of millions of people and that by itself is very inspiring to me. her editing and personality make her videos so fun, (and her style and instagram are also super trendy).

it’s strange sometime to think of where emma is in her career compared to her age. she’s only a year older than me currently and so successful, and it amazes me how independent she’s been in all of that. emma’s videos are all original, and she spends countless hours editing them by herself.

seeing her self-built success at such a young age is a really cool thing for millions of people to be watching, especially with how firm she stands in who she is.

(just a quick note though, emma doesn’t block language out in her videos very often and she does run her mouth a lot. just so you all know).

unnamed (3).jpg

2) david dobrik
i’m sure most of you guys will know who this dude is. and if you don’t, you should check him out ;) david posts short vlogs every other day on his channel, and i look forward to every single one.

they’re four minute and twenty second videos full of craziness including flame throwers, paint ball guns, hospital visits, dumb stunts, drunk friends, and many more things.

the overall idea, his vlogs are him filming his friends doing crazy and dumb things and it’s really entertaining for me.

i like david himself for the person he is. not only is he funny, but he’s also one of the nicest guys i could ever hope to meet. he’s extremely generous and loving. sure he and his friends act immature in his vlogs and they do stupid stuff, but i can tell he’s a really composed person that cares for both the people he knows and every one of his fans.

(david also doesn’t block out language in his videos).


3) james charles
first of all, can i just say how proud i am that james’s channel recently became the top beauty channel on all of youtube.

james is the most talented mua and person in general i’ve ever seen. his makeup skills are beyond anything else, along with his singing and art abilities. every single one of his videos are incredible, and he deserves everything he’s worked so hard for.

there’s definitely a lot of controversy that comes along with supporting him, i’m sure. there is plenty within my family alone. i’ve heard my siblings refer to him as “the gay guy,” and i’ve had one specific family member tell me i shouldn’t support him because of how he identifies.

 this honestly makes me extremely frustrated. everyone has their own views and opinions on the LGBTQ+ community, and i know my views are different from my family’s, but no matter what you believe, i don’t think it’s acceptable in any way, shape, or form to belittle someone and their accomplishments in life because of how they identify. and that also shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to supporting them or having them as a role model.

the way james appears online and how confident he is in himself makes me want to support him more than anything else, regardless of who he’s attracted to, how he wants to dress and act, or anything else. he truly inspires me more than almost anybody.

(james may have some language in his videos as well).

and that’s that :) those are my top three favorite youtubers at the moment.

let's chat!

if you watch any of these youtubers, what are your opinions on them? who are some of your favorite youtubers?

that’s all i have for today, lovelies. have an amazing day.



« deeply rooted »

well, after exactly two months, it turns out mckenna is still alive. the good part about that is this is the first time in a while i can confidently say that’s a good thing

every one of my last few posts has had a short apology about my absence or some complaint about schedules and my busy life, but i wont bore you with one of those. this time i don’t really have an excuse because i only became busy again very recently and i’ve been getting better at managing my time.

but i will say that the past few months have been the most difficult in my life. i’ll spare you the details, but probably the past three or four months before new year i’ve been stressed, lonely, depressed, and all sorts of other negative things due to some things that happened in my life.

i’m not going to lie, it’s been miserable. but recently, i’ve also made some really incredible and real friends that build me up in the best ways. i’m starting to mature more and, yes, i’m becoming a more private person but it’s not a bad thing this time. it’s me realizing opening up to every person that shows you slight comfort isn’t always the best idea.

i guess i’m trying to say i’ve been gone again, but this time is wasn’t because i was too lazy to post, i didn’t think trying to write something for people to enjoy was the best idea with the things i was going through, and along with that i was self conscious about a lot of things and didn’t want to put myself through more stress.

but i’m here, and i’m growing, and 2019 has been off to one of the best starts i can imagine. i’m happy, life is getting better, and for the first time in a while i look forward to each new day.

and i’m going to try my hardest to post more here :)

unnamed (1)

enough chit chat, now for the real reason i’m here. MY OLDER SISTER STARTED A BLOG. i’m so excited for her to be doing this, and i think she’s going to really enjoy blogging and along with that the community :) (you all are literally the best).

laurianna is one of the strongest, most inspiring people i’ve ever met and i really am blessed to have her as an older sister and someone to look up to.

laurianna started her blog, called deeply rooted, to just share about her life, both the ups and downs, and the things God is sharing with her through her everyday life in hopes to spread encouragement and hope to people around her.

i decided to talk about this on my blog in hopes you all would possibly be up to sharing some love on her new platform cause shes been pretty excited :)

so that’s all for now, just a quick little life update and advertisement ;)

i hope everyone’s 2019 has been swell so far. and if it hasn’t, don’t worry, there’s still another 356 days left for it to turn around, and i really hope it does. love you all



« motivation + tips to get you through the new school year »

and so…summer has ended. but i have returned! my posting schedule got out of whack just as i expected. but that’s alright. now that the pool is closing and i’ll have more time at home, hopefully i can start posting more often now.

before i get into this post, i’m going to start with a couple life updates:

1. musical just started three weeks ago and i’m so excited! the comedy we’re doing is so amazing and it’s gonna be lots of fun. we had auditions this last saturday and the cast list was sent out that night at 11:00 and…..I GOT THE LEAD ROLE I WANTED!! i didn’t think i had any chance at all, and i flipped out when i saw my name! we’re doing double casting like we did last year so there’s another girl playing my part with me on alternating nights, but i’m so excited!

2. WHILE I WAS THINKING OF UPDATES I DECIDED TO CHECK MY FOLLOWER COUNT AND I JUST REALIZED WE PASSED 200!?!??!?!?!??! oh my goodness, thank you all so much!! it means the world to me you have no idea! (now i’ve gotta write a 200 follwer post…)

that’s actually all the updates i can think about right now, so i’m just gonna get into the post ;)

 back to school motivation + tips.jpg

we dread school. all of us. after the high and freedom of summer, we get stuck in the same building every day, with the same people. the only up is our friends, but even then there’s drama and negative energy no matter where you go. homework and stress pile up, and it’s hard to stay motivated for the long nine to ten months.

we all need help getting through the school year one way or another. i’m here with some motivation and tips that can hopefully help even in small ways to kick off the year.

back to school motivation + tips (1).jpg

grades: after tests and quizzes, when grades and report cards come back, it’s SO easy to let our grades define us. our intelligence, our worth. you. can’t. do. this.
it’s very important to remember that everyone has different IQ’s. along with that, everyone has different talents. one bad grade doesn’t mean you’re stupid. it means that’s not your strongest subject. don’t let bad grades get you down this year, help them motivate you to work even harder and try your best in everything you do.

friends: going into school, whether you’re a freshman or even a senior, it can be very hard to fit in going into a new school year. finding friends and friend groups can be very challenging and you can end up feeling very lonely.
what you need to think about is the fact that it’s nothing about you making it difficult if it is. people change too. maybe your best friend from second grade suddenly starts hanging out with new people. it’s not your fault, it’s them changing and making their own decisions. now is your time to be yourself too and reach out to new people. be patient too. looking for friends desperately can get you mixed up with the wrong people. wait for God to bring the right friends to you, and then you’ll know they’re right for you ;)

you: there’s so many different styles and trends every year that everyone involves themselves with. everyone starts to believe you need to get into these to be “cool.” to be completely honest, this is the world’s ideas of cool, and getting involved in them can lead to trouble.
going into the school year, remember you’re unique from everyone else, and you don’t need to dress or act a certain way to fit in. be yourself and show everyone your definition of cool. that way you’ll fit in in all the right ways. and if you don’t, then you’ll stand out in all the right ways :)

back to school motivation + tips (2).jpg

schedules and routines: going into the school year, it’s insanely important to develop a schedule and routine and STICK TO IT. repetitiveness will help you stay calm and keep your stress levels down throughout the year. it’ll bring familiarity when things start to get crazy. it can be as easy as a daily list of things to do before and after school. example:

6:00: brush teeth
6:10: makeup
6:45: breakfast/devotionals
7:25: school

   lists like this will help you stay on track with what needs to get done every morning and evening without getting distracted. it’ll also help stress levels stay low.

HOMEWORK: many times when you get home from school, the main thing everyone wants to do is curl up in bed on their phone until dinner and get to their homework “when they get the chance” or “later.” this can lead to staying up very late to get last minute assignments in and projects done. the lack of sleep then received can lead to difficulty concentrating the following days and more built up stress throughout the week.
my tip would be: when you get home from school, power down your phone and work hard on all your homework BEFORE DINNER. once dinner is finished, if all your homework is done for the next day, then you have plenty of time to be on your phone or play video games or whatever else.

preparation: homework goes along with this, but after dinner is finished and homework is completed, before being lazy for the rest of the night, a really good thing to do is prepare for the next day. this can mean picking out an outfit or repacking your backpack. getting everything done for that day and also the next day will make you feel put together and relaxed. then you have no stress or worry when you go into free time.

sleep: this has got to be one of the single most important tips to a successful school year. REST IS SO VERY IMPORTANT. it also prepares you for the next day! staying up late doing homework or on your phone means very few hours of sleep considering the time you need to wake up in the morning as well.
one very key thing to do is put your phone away by 9:00. i’ve been trying to do this for weeks and i still can’t! but your body and grades will thank you for putting it away early. after it’s powered down, try reading a book or doing devotionals before you sleep. try and be done by around 10:00, 11:00 at the latest. you’ll notice big changes in not only your work, but also your attitude going into school everyday.

weekends: after the week has FINALLY ended, everyone wants a break from school and work and they wanna have fun with friends. that’s totally fine to do, AND ALSO IMPORTANT. having breaks from work is very important when it comes to preforming well in school.
BUT. before dropping everything to be with friends, make sure you have EVERYTHING done for the next week. this goes back to the homework. don’t put it off to go bowling and tell yourself you’ll do it sunday night. next thing you know, you’ll be watching netflix or on your phone telling yourself it’s still the weekend or you’ll be up until 3 am trying to pull everything together.
challenge yourself to get everything for the next week done before sunday and before you do anything with friends. if getting it done in one day isn’t possible, then use sunday too. and if getting certain things done takes even longer, don’t hang out with friends until your caught up with everything. this will challenge you to work harder and concentrate more, which leads to better grades. you’ll also be able to enjoy yourself more when you’re with friends when you’re not worrying about everything that needs to be done at home.

that’s all i have for now! hopefully these tips were helpful to you all even in small ways!

for me personally, i have a very short attention span and i also hate school with a passion. procrastination comes very easily for me, so it’s very easy for me to neglect my work and get behind on everything and i get extremely stressed out.
i’m going to challenge myself beyond my limits this year to work my hardest the entire year even when i want to quit, and i encourage you all to do the same.

we can do this :) stay happy, stay brilliant. i love you all.



« season aesthetics »

hello people :) i hope everyone is having a lovely day and hopefully enjoying warm weather, (i sure am).

our trip to europe is so close now, it’s crazyyyyy. missing the majority of may here will suck, but i’m also upset i won’t be able to talk to my friends for a while :(  (and of course not post here).

for today, i thought it would be fun to make aesthetics for each of the four seasons. the weather is finally getting warmer here, and it’s feeling more like spring. it made me think about the feelings i get when new seasons come in and the small things i love about each one.

i hope you guys enjoy it :))

(all images are from pinterest)

Untitled design (1).jpg

winter: light snowfall, puffy jackets, fuzzy socks, and warm mittens, hot chocolate with marshmallows and freshly baked cookies, big blankets and a crackling fire place, cold noses and numb fingers, snowball fights and snowmen, tree hunting and hanging ornaments, opening presents on christmas and family, ice skating and sledding, candy canes and evergreen scented everything.

Untitled design (4)

spring: wild flowers and warm rains, light breezes and falling flower petals, rainbows, newly budding plants, warm nights sleeping on clean sheets with open windows, backyard barbecues, the smell of rain on hot pavement, freshly mown grass after a long winter, greenhouses, lemonade with ice, bare feet on the grass, birds chirping early in the morning.

Untitled design (2)

summer: beach vacations with sand seeping between your toes, cold ice cream with waffle cones, jumping in the chilly water when it gets too warm, long drives with the window down, walking barefoot everywhere, hikes, camping trips, friends, hammocks summer camp, birkenstock sandals and bikinis, feeling the warm sun on your skin while tanning, saltwater and the smell of the sea, shorts and tank tops, dipping your toes in the pool.

Untitled design (3).jpg

autumn: pumkin spice lattes, apple pies with vanilla ice cream, warm flannels straight out of the dryer, pumpkin patches, thick socks and a good book, spiced tea and a smoldering fire place, the sound of leaves crunching under your boots, jack o’ lanterns and trick or treating, scented candles, acorns, and brightly colored leaves.

these are all things i associate with each season, and i got super happy feelings while writing this post. i hope you guys enjoyed :))

i am currently writing this post while laying on my floor and listening to post malone’s new album with the windows open and i’m pretty happy.

i’m leaving for europe in just a couple days now aaaaagh. so i’ll see you all once i get back :D have a lovely day everyone, and don’t forget to drink lots of water.



« health tips »

hello everyone :D i was originally planning on doing a photodumb today, but my internet decided to be stupid so yayyyyyyyyy for improv 👏👏👏👏

i would consider myself a pretty healthy person, excluding the times i decide to be extremely unhealthy and eat crap, but that’s not important…

anyways, i thought i’d post about some health tips today that i either personally use or attempt to the majority of the time ;) i hope you guys enjoy.

oh my gifts! (1)

this fits in the the category of “tips i attempt to use the majority of the time,” but i cannot stress it enough.

considering the majority of your body consists of water, it’s extremely important to continue drinking water throughout your day, every day. especially if you work out on a regular basis or play a sport.

for me, this one is difficult cause i hate having to pee every two minutes, but i’ve heard that gets better over time. unfortunately i wouldn’t know that yet. i hope to soon enough though.

this tip is #1 on my list, because if it isn’t the most important step to getting/staying healthy, it’s pretty close.

oh my gifts! (3)

whether you participate in a sport or not, staying active isn’t as difficult as you may imagine it to be. depending on how your body handles exercise and healthy actions, the level of activity needed to stay healthy may vary, but not much is usually needed to stay in good shape and health.

getting in good shape takes a lot work and motivation, but keeping your body healthy by keeping active is a simpler task. i suggest stretching every morning when you wake up, and maybe doing a couple exercises.

keeping active can also include simple things like going on walks or bike rides, running on a treadmill, or even just deciding to go outside to play and do activities rather than choose to stay inside on youtube or netflix ;) (i struggle with this myself).

oh my gifts! (1)

when your focus is becoming healthier, making wise decisions is extremely important. this can be in how much water you drink, how much exercise you get, or other things, but what i’m mainly getting at is eating healthy foods.

thank the lord, my mother decides to make super healthy meals for us the m a j o r i t y of the time (while somehow still making them taste fabulous), so i’ve never really had to watch what i eat.

sometimes it can be more difficult than you think to order a salad rather than fried chicken and a milkshake at a restaurant, but in the end, the decision will pay off.

some people find it necessary to count calories, others naturally eat extremely healthy foods, but in order to keep your body properly nourished, be wise in what you choose to consume.

oh my gifts! (5)

i understand getting good sleep isn’t always possible for some people, but being well rested it very important to maintain good health.

things like going to bed earlier before a big test or job interview will not only improve your health, but also boost your energy and mood the next day due to the effects it has on your body.

one thing i find very important involves your phone or electronic devices. before you go to bed or when you can’t sleep, i 100% DO NOT advice being on an electronic device. staring at a screen before sleeping can reduce the hours of sleep you get, and also prevent you from falling asleep faster. if being on a device is necessary for, say, school work, look into turning on the bedtime screen, which turns off certain lights in your screen so it won’t effect your body/brain in the same ways.

along with this comes something even more important (i wasn’t aware of this at first, but i’m glad i am now). when you do put your device away for the night, either put it in another room while you sleep, or power it down completely. throughout the night when you’re “asleep,” when a notification goes off or the screen lights up, your brain recognizes the sound/light and actually wakes up for quite a while each time.

even though you may not physically be awake or aware or anything around you, your brain is technically not asleep, thus depriving you of needed rest.

well, that’s all i have. i use these tips as often as possibly (not as much of the first one, but i’m working on it). these ones are pretty common tips, but hopefully they were of use to you.

the past couple of days, i’ve had my lifeguard training :D thursday and friday, it was from 4:30 to 8:30 pm, but today and tomorrow, it’s from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, so i am currently in training :)) it’s been a lot of hard work, but i’ve also learned a lot, and i’m excited to work at my pool this year.

let's chat!

what things do you do to stay healthy? what plans do you have for the summer?

just a warning in advance, i will be in europe from may 13-31st, so during that time i will not be posting, but when i come back, hopefully i’ll have some great stories and pictures to share with you all :)

i hope you all have a fabulous saturday. stay healthy, kids ;)