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welcome to alternate galaxy :))

hello there, my name is mckenna and i’m seventeen years old. i started this blog in may of 2017. several of my good friends had blogs and i saw starting my own as a great opportunity to write about my life and loves.

i’m a competitive swimmer and an actress. i love the outdoors and trying new things. music and singing hold a special place in my life and  mean a lot to me. i have a variety of favorite bands and artists, and my taste in music ranges widely.

even when the bad times come, i try and stay optimistic and i would consider myself a very joyful person.

in the future, i plan to travel the world with someone i love, experiencing different cultures and environments. to me, that seems like the best way you could spend your life.

in my free time, i love hiking, snowboarding, fishing, and spending time with my friends.

this blog is mostly a dump spot for my life experiences and a lots of random stuff. i hope you enjoy reading about my life, loves, and passions, and maybe you’ll stay for a while?

i’d love to get to know you in the comments! drop a comment below if you’d like to meet me, and feel free to tell me a little about yourself.

25 thoughts on “about

    1. helloooo

      thank you! it’s nice to meet you :)) i like all sorts of music tbh. i describe my taste of music to people as everything except the songs i don’t like 😂👌



  1. Two questions…
    How do you put comments on your about page?
    And how do you do the star and moon for the sign off?
    Oh, and one more (sorry!)… how did you make and put the button (plus quote!) on your sidebar?
    Rhiana xxxxx
    P.S. I’m so sorry if there were way too many questions, you don’t have to answer them all!
    P.P.S if you want to check out my blog here’s the link:

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    1. hello there! it’s okay, i don’t mind your questions at all!

      for the comments, there’s a way to go into your settings and enable them. i’m not currently on my computer so i can’t check to see how to do it exactly right at the moment.

      for the sidebar, go into setting and click themes, then customize. there should be an option that says ‘widgets.’ click on that, and then ‘main sidebar.’ my quote one is just a text one, and my button is an image that i added a link to for my button menu :)

      for the star and moon sign, i actually went to word on my computer and inserted different icons. but you can actually search those things on google and copy and paste them! then save them somewhere else on your computer that you can access easily for later on so you don’t have to search for them every time ;)

      you didn’t have too many questions at all :) i’m sorry that i couldn’t answer that first one at the moment, but i will definitely look into that if you’d like! if you go to my contact menu, you can always shoot me an email with any more questions now, and i’ll get back to you about those and the first one as soon as possible :)))

      (also, i’ll definitely make sure to check out your blog [once i’m on my computer😂])



        1. of course! and don’t worry it’s totally fine 😉
          i used canva to make my button. i chose a regular square background and used a circular grid. then i uploaded the background image to add to it and then text. after that, i downloaded it to my computer and added it my button page and sidebar

          i’m glad they helped :)



  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did! I love your header and writing style. We have so much in common! I’d love to learn to play ukulele someday. Ice cream and laughter are literally my favorite things on this earth. XD
    Can I also gush about how absolutely stunning you are? Seriously model status, girl.
    I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

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    1. aw i’m glad! thank you so much! ukulele is very fun to learn and play :) WOO look at us we are similar 😂💗

      oh my gosh thank you so much! ☺️ that’s so nice of you to say :)


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