« summer of 19 // photo dump »

hey all :) it’s been too long. the summer of 2019 is officially over for me as i start school this coming tuesday, and boy was it a wild one. it had it’s high, definitely had its lows, and everything in between.

looking back on the pictures i’ll be putting in this post, overall it was the best summer of my life so far. i definitely did not get through it easily, but now that it’s over, i couldn’t miss it more.

i made some friends this summer, and lost some too. i smiled more than i have before, but also cried harder than ever. it was a rollercoaster for sure, but i wouldn’t trade my experience for anything.

this post is going to be dropping tons of pictures from this summer and telling you all about the things i did. i’m only going to focus on the good parts because this blog is a happy and cheerful place to come, not a dump for my complaints and personal struggles :)

so that being said, this was my summer of 2019

unnamed (26)

hammocking was a huge part of my summer. i went on countless hikes with my friends to hang up hammocks and nap a listen to music in the shade looking at the overlooks

unnamed (25).jpg

at the beginning of the summer i said goodbye to my older sister who left to serve in africa for over a year. this was my first summer in 16 years without her, but i know she’s enjoying herself where she is so it was a sweet goodbye

unnamed (24)

as i mentioned in my last post, i went to reddish knob for the first time and spent 12 hours out of the house doing things outdoors. this continued every sunday for the entire summer. i got to go hiking, fishing, hammocking, and lots of other things every week

unnamed (28)

unnamed (23).jpg

i took my friend who introduced me to twenty one pilots to his first concert for them :) it was an amazing night

unnamed (21).jpg

the morning right after, i headed to renew camp and served in the community for the entire week. this was at one of our sites while we were handing out flyers and a stray puppy ran up to us. renew was an amazing week, our group had an amazing time

unnamed (19).jpg

my first fish i caught the first day i went to our spot. (kayak fishing is better than regular fishing)

unnamed (17).jpg

unnamed (15)

unnamed (11).jpg

unnamed (12).jpg

unnamed (16)

unnamed (20)

unnamed (10).jpg

for work this summer, i was a lifeguard again. i worked with several of my best friends and i have so many good memories with them. i’m also on the swim team, and they never failed to make meets interesting.

i won a few events at different meets, which is hard being in the 15-18 age group when you race against college swimmers, and at championships one of my relays broke a VSL record. our team ended up winning championships this year as well for the first time in four years :)

swimming and my pool is always a big part of my summer. i spent most of my time working but it was worth it in the end. especially because of what the work led to..

unnamed (9).jpg

my first BIG GIRL PURCHASE. i finally bought my own car this summer. i got it with entirely my own money that i saved up and it feels amazing. work can be so tiring and depressing sometimes, but now i get to physically see and use every day what my hard work got me.

unnamed (14)

i went to kings dominion for the first time this summer. this trip was amazing but also horrible at the same time. it was 106 degrees while we were there with no shade or wind. but i did all the roller coasters and a ton of the other rides, so i can’t complain.

i’m hopefully going back in october for the scare fest when it’s a little cooler and the whole place is decorated for halloween.

unnamed (8).jpg

unnamed (4).jpg

unnamed (6).jpg

unnamed (7).jpg

my friend’s birthday party :) i laughed harder this night than i had in a long time. we had an amazing time

unnamed (3).jpg

the fair this year did not disappoint. i only got to go monday-wednesday cause i went camping the rest of that week, but every night was so much fun

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)

four of the most amazing people alive :) i spent almost every sunday of the summer with this group of people. they make life worth living

unnamed (18)


unnamed (5).jpg

and just yesterday, a walk in the park. simple, but an amazing time. also this was the second time the boys unintentionally twinned with their shirts but both refused to change.

so there it is, my summer of 2019.

night swimming, lifeguarding, kayaking, fishing, hiking, amusement parks, bonfires, sunsets, birthday parties, cookouts, concerts, and the fair.

i experienced all of these with my best friends who i could never express my love for. they mean more to me than i could ever put into words and bring so much joy into my life. thanks to them, this summer was the best so far and i can’t wait until the summer of 2020 :)

i hope you all enjoyed this post and that you’re summer was amazing as well. school sucks, but it only lasts for so long. keep pushing through and don’t forget the good parts of life.

my summer was by no means perfect, but even just writing this post picked out the all the good moments and made me so happy :)

love you all <3



8 thoughts on “« summer of 19 // photo dump »

  1. I’m so happy for you … the school year is always so much better knowing you have amazing summer memories to keep you going. I wish I had gone outdoors more … it sounds like you really connected with nature! that’s so awesome.
    we live only an hour away from kings dominion and it’s our fav amusement park … what’s your fav ride? ;)
    congrats on the car!!! proud of you for buying it yourself:)
    and the concert … sounds amazing. I’ve never taken a friend with me to a TØP concert because I’m really the only clikkie in my community (cue fairly local) but it must be amazing to go with someone who shares the same love of the band.
    stay street, stay alive, stream trench, tøp4L ✌🏼
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i agree :) and yes, i love spending time outside cause it rarely happen during the school year and the cold weather. kings dominion isn’t too far from us either, and it was my first time going without my parents. i got to go with my friends :) my favorite was flight of fear, but i call it the area 51 ride. what about you, what’s your favorite ?
      thank you !!that means so much :)
      it was…i bought pit tickets for both of us, it was such an amazing experience. i hope you get to go someday with someone !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such an amazing post, and it’s so aesthetic too! It seems like you had an amazing summer and I’m so glad you made so many memories too because one day you’ll look back on these things and remember the stuff you did, it seems like you have a great group of friends too – which let’s face it, makes everything more enjoyable! Congrats on the car!! so proud of you, and I’m glad you enjoyed the TØP concert xx

    Liked by 1 person

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