« summer is HERE / life updates »

hello everyone. what are the odds, it’s been a while…again.  life has been as hectic as ever for me and my family and we’re just getting starting with summer here now.

i thought i would update you all on my plans for this summer and also just life in general for me at the moment.

as of my last post…i’m not exactly friends anymore with the person i made that bucket list with. no hate and no shade at all, they just kinda ghosted me out of no where. yeah, it sucked, but i’ve gotten over it and i’m not letting it ruin my summer or my plans.

summer JUST started for me and i’ve already done some of the things on that list that i’ve never done before. reddish knob being on of those.


last sunday, i spent 12 hours out of the house, 11 of those with my best friends. we did tons of things like lunch, fishing, and hung out at reddish knob for the sunset, even though storms rolled in right before we could see it.

i was outdoors pretty much the entire day and it was amazing. this sunday, we’re planning on going hiking and sitting in hammocks for most of the day at an overlook :) i told my mom i want to start spending sundays out of the house and doing active things.

renew camp 2019 is also coming up, starting NEXT weekend which is wild. and the first night of renew i’m going to the twenty one pilots concert in charlottesville with my friend nick :D


besides all this, lifeguarding started again and so did swim team. i’m not coaching this year but i’m helping out when i need to and also teaching swim lessons.

my parents are very involved both with the pool and the swim team so i’ve been there for one thing or another every day so far and that continues through the whole summer.

i don’t think i had my license when i wrote my last post, but i do now, and i LOVE it. i’m still looking around for a car. i’ll get there eventually.


and as for my family, my sister is in africa. she left not too long ago and as of now is spending 10 months serving in various parts of the country. although she may end up staying a year or longer in the end depending on the demand for help at the time.

this summer, the rest of 2019, and the beginning of 2020 will all be very different without her and it also puts me in a very different position being the oldest sibling in the house.

BUT..i do get to redecorate my room soon :) i’m getting a queen bed and i’m rearranging and repainting.


that’s about all i can think of right now :)

let's chat!

what are your plans for this summer? would you like to see me do a room tour once i redecorate my room? let me know down below :) 



15 thoughts on “« summer is HERE / life updates »

  1. Great post, you have such an aesthetic blog, it’s so beautiful! sorry to hear you’re not friends with the person you made your bucket list with, I’m sure you’ll still have an amazing summer though, definitely to a room tour once you’ve decorated your room, I’d love to see it! xo

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  2. Welcome back! This was such a nice catch up post, sorry to hear things didn’t work out between you and the person you made the bucket list with, but at least you’re still checking things off the list! I hope you have the most wonderful summer, and enjoy Twenty One Pilots!

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  3. heyyy … stopping in because I saw the word “charlottesville” combined with “twenty one pilots” and it sounds like we were both at John Paul Jones arena on one of the best nights of my life :) i still haven’t been able to tackle a blog post on it … it’s such a precious memory. and i got my 4 pieces of bandito trees confetti stashed away in my closet forever <3 excuse me while I keep reading through your stuff ;)
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    1. THATS CRAZY :) same here, but that show changed my life. i have my confetti, my flashlight paper, my pit bracelet, and my finger rings in a plastic back to keep forever.

      thank you for taking your time to read my blog :)


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