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hello there :)

i’m trying to think of something to say and i can’t, SO. welcome. today i’m going to be sharing my big plans for the summer of 2k19 with you guys. (they’re not that big, but it’s gonna make this summer the best i’ve had so far).

this summer, i’m going to have my license and HOPEFULLY my own car. of course that won’t give me as much freedom as i’m probably expecting, but considering my mom requires at least two business days to plan anything, not needing rides places sure will be a blessing.

me and one of my best friends put together a bucket list not too long ago of things we want to do once i get my license and also when it gets a little warmer. i’m not gonna ramble anymore. (i’m also going to be including pictures from last summer).

our bucket list:

2018-07-20 12_59_50.124.jpg

1) reddish knob
reddish knob is a huge overlook close to area i live. it’s a very sketchy area, i won’t lie. but if you catch a sunset up there, it’s absolutely stunning. we wanna go up there some time and just hang out.

2018-08-16 20_08_44.251.jpg

2) hiking w/ picnic
pretty self-explanatory. i’m not sure where we’ll go hiking, we have lots of choices, but the picnic is a given.

2018-08-16 20_37_28.370

3) puppy palace
there’s a small shop in town where you can go in, sit in a small room, and play with puppies. literally the best thing ever. i’ve been once, but my friend hasn’t and i promised i’d take them :)

2018-08-16 20_55_39.437.jpg

4) sushi
they’re the only person in their family that likes sushi, so on the day we go to the puppy place, we’re most likely going to go to the sushi place next door.

2018-07-24 18_53_24.972.jpg

5) sunset/stargazing
i would say we would do this at reddish knob, but i don’t think staying there past dark would be a good idea. we’ll probably do these a couple times.

2018-05-03 17_04_09.489.jpg

6) movie marathon
my friend in convinced i’ve missed out on some of the best movies in existence during my lifetime, so we’re going to have a marathon at some point to watch some of them.

2018-05-03 09_26_26.057.jpg

7) movie
there’s some super great movies coming to theaters soon :D

2018-08-14 19_31_23.527.jpg

8) bowling/mini golfing

2018-04-25 13_50_04.067.jpg

9) the fair
every summer, the fair is one of my favorite places to go the week it’s open. i’ll probably be going most nights.

2018-03-24 14_01_24.819.jpg

10) hide and seek
my friend is convinced they are the best hide and seek player to ever live. we tried playing at work once and i found them right away but apparently that “doesn’t count” so we have to play an actual game some time to decide who’s superior.

2018-07-22 17_11_16.330.jpg

11) tie dye shirts
i’ve always wanted to do this with someone. i’m going to try and do a hoodie :)

2018-07-07 17_29_00.325.jpg

12) facemasks
i l o v e doing facemasks, but i’ve never done them with someone else before, so this one is 100% happening

2018-04-28 19_25_15.350.jpg

13) kayaking
my family owns two really nice kayaks that we only really get to use when we go camping. i’m hoping to go to the lake close to our house several times this summer possible.

2018-05-16 21_19_18.945.jpg

14) bonfire

2018-07-21 21_04_12.806.jpg

15) fear forest
around halloween, a giant scare trail near my house opens for a week. i’ve only been once, and i didn’t get to go in 2018 which bummed me out.

2018-08-23 19_46_09.236.jpg

16) jess’ milkshakes
downtown, there’s a really cute restaurant that i love. when my sibling and i were young, our dad would take us there on “dates” to get burgers and chocolate milkshakes. i went just the other week and the milkshake brought back so many happy memories :)

unnamed (13)....jpg

well, that’s our bucket list. if we don’t finish doing all these things this summer, we’re gonna keep going until the whole thing is checked off. i can’t even describe how excited i am for this summer :)))

let's chat!

do you have any plans for the summer of 2k19? what are some things on your bucket list? let me know in the comments :)



14 thoughts on “« the summer of 2k19 | my bucket list »

  1. kylee erwin

    Can’t wait for summer, life’s been treating me rough lately, and I just want the long days of warm sunshine and the company of a few friends constantly around:) This was super cool, and makes me remember my past summer, and look forward to the coming one!!

    Liked by 1 person

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