« screw laziness and procrastination »

hello everyone :) EVERY one of my most recent posts has had some sort of short apology for not being active which has honestly been annoying me.

this time, i’m just gonna say, yes, it’s been a month or more since my last post. yes, i had plenty of opportunities and free time that i could have posted. did i? obviously not.

BUT. i am VERY happy to say that i’ve really started to get my life together recently. i’m honestly tired of how lazy i’ve been for months on end. i’ve been working most days at the jump park, getting home and quickly rushing through my school without picking up any information, and then laying around the rest of the night on youtube and snap chat, etc…

it drove and drives me insane, but i was never able to motivate myself to do anything productive. my room was always CRAZY messy and homework that i didn’t bother with kept piling up. i was slacking off at work and getting in trouble. i could have had my license on the 12th, but i was too lazy to catch up on quizzes that my mom wanted me to do before getting it.

everything was just aggravating me. but just a few days ago, i decided to change that. so no apology for not posting, because i’m not going to regret how lazy i’ve been for so long. but i am making changes.

i’ve been working much harder at work and keeping in good spirits instead of being pessimistic about it. i’ve started working harder on school, and i’m going to start catching up on everything i’m behind on. after school every day, i’ve started working out and exercising at home. i’m also starting to eat healthier, i’m drinking more water, AND being more wise with my money. i just got done cleaning my whole room and organizing my closet which i never touch and just shove stuff into. and i’m also here posting again, which i’m very happy to be doing. along with all that, i’m starting behind the wheel tomorrow which means i’ll have my license in a matter of days.

i’m also looking harder and harder for a car, which means i’ll be driving alone before i know it and i couldn’t be more excited.

this summer is on it’s way fast, and i’ve got big plans :) i’m going to be working three jobs at the pool again, doing swim team (which also helps drastically with getting in shape, and i can’t wait), and i have a huge bucket list that i’m going to be tackling with one of my friends, (to be seen in my next post. *wink*).

i’ve only been working harder on stuff for about five days, yes. and usually things like this fail after about a week for me. but for once, i’m actually enjoying what i’m doing and i feel amazing about it.

so, this is not an apology for not posting, just a quick little life update about how i’m feeling and the things i’m doing. screw laziness and procrastination.

i’m done with them :)




13 thoughts on “« screw laziness and procrastination »

  1. *high five* the struggle is real but it’s so cool to see you taking charge! I’ve been doing kind of the same thing recently, especially monitering how long I spend on media (😰) but working out is where I’m really slacking. 😂 It’s crazy how life suddenly speeds up once we start doing something productive with it! Keep going and good luck with your next ventures! 👍🏼👍🏼

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    1. thank you :) that’s great! working out has never been fun for me, especially when i get super sore. but for some reason i’m looking forward to it every day now. and that’s so true. thank you!! good luck to you too


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  2. Faith Ison

    This is so encouraging! Because I’ve been in the same laziness slump :/ But I too have just started working out, getting up and doing that one thing I’ve been putting off, drinking more water and being productive. also I literally have the tab open on my computer to set the appointment for my drivers test! Hope yours goes well! Here’s to living a fuller life! Go you!

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    1. i’m so glad! it’s not a fun place to be, that’s for sure :/ but in glad you’ve been finding motivation like me!! and yayy!!! that’s so exciting :))) good luck on yours as well, and i hope you continue to find motivation. go US !! :)



  3. Oooo the struggle is so real, I feel like I sometimes go through phases where all I do in my posts is apologise for a certain thing like being distant etc. This post was so encouraging as I definitely need a bit of motivation right now! I hope your driving test goes well!

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    1. tell me about it, i do the same thing! i was actually writing a different post originally with this as the intro but then decided to explain more. i’m so glad it was!! and thank you so much :))


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