« my favorite youtubers !! »

hello everyone :) today i thought i would write a post about my current favorite youtubers and explain why i never want to miss one of their videos.

there’s thousands of creators on youtube, and i think the idea of it in itself is pretty cool. individuals creating their own space and building their own platform using their ideas and creativity.

it still does amaze me how successful some of these even young adults can accomplish on their own.

i’m just gonna go ahead and get right into it.

unnamed (2).jpg

1) emma chamberlain
emma never fails to make me laugh. she’s very much herself, even in front of millions of people and that by itself is very inspiring to me. her editing and personality make her videos so fun, (and her style and instagram are also super trendy).

it’s strange sometime to think of where emma is in her career compared to her age. she’s only a year older than me currently and so successful, and it amazes me how independent she’s been in all of that. emma’s videos are all original, and she spends countless hours editing them by herself.

seeing her self-built success at such a young age is a really cool thing for millions of people to be watching, especially with how firm she stands in who she is.

(just a quick note though, emma doesn’t block language out in her videos very often and she does run her mouth a lot. just so you all know).

unnamed (3).jpg

2) david dobrik
i’m sure most of you guys will know who this dude is. and if you don’t, you should check him out ;) david posts short vlogs every other day on his channel, and i look forward to every single one.

they’re four minute and twenty second videos full of craziness including flame throwers, paint ball guns, hospital visits, dumb stunts, drunk friends, and many more things.

the overall idea, his vlogs are him filming his friends doing crazy and dumb things and it’s really entertaining for me.

i like david himself for the person he is. not only is he funny, but he’s also one of the nicest guys i could ever hope to meet. he’s extremely generous and loving. sure he and his friends act immature in his vlogs and they do stupid stuff, but i can tell he’s a really composed person that cares for both the people he knows and every one of his fans.

(david also doesn’t block out language in his videos).


3) james charles
first of all, can i just say how proud i am that james’s channel recently became the top beauty channel on all of youtube.

james is the most talented mua and person in general i’ve ever seen. his makeup skills are beyond anything else, along with his singing and art abilities. every single one of his videos are incredible, and he deserves everything he’s worked so hard for.

there’s definitely a lot of controversy that comes along with supporting him, i’m sure. there is plenty within my family alone. i’ve heard my siblings refer to him as “the gay guy,” and i’ve had one specific family member tell me i shouldn’t support him because of how he identifies.

 this honestly makes me extremely frustrated. everyone has their own views and opinions on the LGBTQ+ community, and i know my views are different from my family’s, but no matter what you believe, i don’t think it’s acceptable in any way, shape, or form to belittle someone and their accomplishments in life because of how they identify. and that also shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to supporting them or having them as a role model.

the way james appears online and how confident he is in himself makes me want to support him more than anything else, regardless of who he’s attracted to, how he wants to dress and act, or anything else. he truly inspires me more than almost anybody.

(james may have some language in his videos as well).

and that’s that :) those are my top three favorite youtubers at the moment.

let's chat!

if you watch any of these youtubers, what are your opinions on them? who are some of your favorite youtubers?

that’s all i have for today, lovelies. have an amazing day.



8 thoughts on “« my favorite youtubers !! »

  1. James Charles is the best oh my gosh. I have never seen someone so talented in both the art and music category like he is! Some of my favorites are Jess & Gabriel, Kristin Johns, and Krist & yu (she’s a lesser-known one but her AESTHETICS OML).

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  2. Ahh, great post! :) I’ve watched all these youtubers a few times (James Charles the most, he is SO talented and hilarious) but I’m not subscribed to them. Mostly I watch vloggers and a few main channels, my current favorite youtubers are Aspyn Ovard (but her vlog channel with her husband) and also kkandbabyj (they’re family vloggers!).

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  3. JAMES CHARLES IS BAEEEEE. I watched him bake his pallet yesterday? Did you see it?

    I watched a little bit of Emma but her language drove me crazy and I guess she just isn’t super entertaining to me, but I’ve heard of David (never watched him tho). I watch Wengie, Molly Burke, and the Dolan Twins too, and some other small YTers.

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    1. YESSSSS. i have seen that video, i loved it omgg

      yeah she does use a lot for sure :/ david is really funny haha. i’ll be sure to check them out! i’ve seen some of molly and i watch the dolan twins. they’re my favorite in the sister squad videos though. thanks for the comment!


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  4. OMG FINALLY ANOTHER BLOGGER OBSESSED WITH SISTER JAMES! Sorry, it’s just that literally nobody I know actually likes him, I mean sure he’s had controversy surrounding him in the past, but seriously, who hasn’t made a mistake before? like, hello? we all make mistakes. Great post! x

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