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hello everyone :D i was originally planning on doing a photodumb today, but my internet decided to be stupid so yayyyyyyyyy for improv 👏👏👏👏

i would consider myself a pretty healthy person, excluding the times i decide to be extremely unhealthy and eat crap, but that’s not important…

anyways, i thought i’d post about some health tips today that i either personally use or attempt to the majority of the time ;) i hope you guys enjoy.

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this fits in the the category of “tips i attempt to use the majority of the time,” but i cannot stress it enough.

considering the majority of your body consists of water, it’s extremely important to continue drinking water throughout your day, every day. especially if you work out on a regular basis or play a sport.

for me, this one is difficult cause i hate having to pee every two minutes, but i’ve heard that gets better over time. unfortunately i wouldn’t know that yet. i hope to soon enough though.

this tip is #1 on my list, because if it isn’t the most important step to getting/staying healthy, it’s pretty close.

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whether you participate in a sport or not, staying active isn’t as difficult as you may imagine it to be. depending on how your body handles exercise and healthy actions, the level of activity needed to stay healthy may vary, but not much is usually needed to stay in good shape and health.

getting in good shape takes a lot work and motivation, but keeping your body healthy by keeping active is a simpler task. i suggest stretching every morning when you wake up, and maybe doing a couple exercises.

keeping active can also include simple things like going on walks or bike rides, running on a treadmill, or even just deciding to go outside to play and do activities rather than choose to stay inside on youtube or netflix ;) (i struggle with this myself).

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when your focus is becoming healthier, making wise decisions is extremely important. this can be in how much water you drink, how much exercise you get, or other things, but what i’m mainly getting at is eating healthy foods.

thank the lord, my mother decides to make super healthy meals for us the m a j o r i t y of the time (while somehow still making them taste fabulous), so i’ve never really had to watch what i eat.

sometimes it can be more difficult than you think to order a salad rather than fried chicken and a milkshake at a restaurant, but in the end, the decision will pay off.

some people find it necessary to count calories, others naturally eat extremely healthy foods, but in order to keep your body properly nourished, be wise in what you choose to consume.

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i understand getting good sleep isn’t always possible for some people, but being well rested it very important to maintain good health.

things like going to bed earlier before a big test or job interview will not only improve your health, but also boost your energy and mood the next day due to the effects it has on your body.

one thing i find very important involves your phone or electronic devices. before you go to bed or when you can’t sleep, i 100% DO NOT advice being on an electronic device. staring at a screen before sleeping can reduce the hours of sleep you get, and also prevent you from falling asleep faster. if being on a device is necessary for, say, school work, look into turning on the bedtime screen, which turns off certain lights in your screen so it won’t effect your body/brain in the same ways.

along with this comes something even more important (i wasn’t aware of this at first, but i’m glad i am now). when you do put your device away for the night, either put it in another room while you sleep, or power it down completely. throughout the night when you’re “asleep,” when a notification goes off or the screen lights up, your brain recognizes the sound/light and actually wakes up for quite a while each time.

even though you may not physically be awake or aware or anything around you, your brain is technically not asleep, thus depriving you of needed rest.

well, that’s all i have. i use these tips as often as possibly (not as much of the first one, but i’m working on it). these ones are pretty common tips, but hopefully they were of use to you.

the past couple of days, i’ve had my lifeguard training :D thursday and friday, it was from 4:30 to 8:30 pm, but today and tomorrow, it’s from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, so i am currently in training :)) it’s been a lot of hard work, but i’ve also learned a lot, and i’m excited to work at my pool this year.

let's chat!

what things do you do to stay healthy? what plans do you have for the summer?

just a warning in advance, i will be in europe from may 13-31st, so during that time i will not be posting, but when i come back, hopefully i’ll have some great stories and pictures to share with you all :)

i hope you all have a fabulous saturday. stay healthy, kids ;)



30 thoughts on “« health tips »

  1. Zella T

    “Resting” is one of those things I don’t quite do…I gotta do more of it when school gets out for the summer ☀️.

    Also, do my eyes 👁 deceive me, or did you get a new profile pic 📷? You look sooooo cute!

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  2. hydration. I totallyyy need to do that way more often. I’d say I’m pretty active with ballet… and I think I rest too much sometimes, lol. great tips though, they’re a good reminder! :)

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  3. i play netball – the season starts this weekend, and i’m really excited to get back into playing.
    these are some really good tips, by the way – i think i always intend to do these things, but it never really works out. maybe this will help. :)
    – charli

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  4. Bethany

    My chrome book is being a butt and not letting me like your post but this is great. I totally agree about water, it is important and something I need to work on. I actualy found drinking a lot of water is one of the quickest ways to flatten my stomach and it also causes me to eat the right preportions.

    I have found choosing how I “relax” during the day can effect how I feel. Such as if I choose to read a book I try and either 1. go outside, 2. lay down to read, or 3. make sure the position I am sitting in is a healthy one before I get to into the book I’m reading. This is becuase once I get into what I am doing my body ignores the fact that the way I am seated is unhealthy.

    I need to get back to my blogging and I need some post ideas. :p some of the things I want to do are;
    A poetry post
    An app review post
    A photo dump
    A health related post
    A Q and A
    A song writing or music related post..

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    1. aw that’s okay. same here. and yessss that makes sense :D

      yes it can indeed. resting without even sleeping is really good, but if you’re going to do that you also have to balance it out with being active as well ;D

      i think a poetry post would be fun, also a photo dump for sure, and a Q&A ☺️



  5. Bethany

    yes of course, lovely exercise. I can not wait for swim to start. I love being in shape even if I hate what it takes to get there. ;p
    do you have anything you do to keep you more active outside of swim? I need some new ideas.
    I am actually entering a poetry contest and I’m nervous to see what they think of my stuff.
    Did you see “apollo’s” recent on insta? we took a lot of cool pics and i want to do a spring photo dump.
    also random but I have a fabulous idea for youtubing. remind me about it next time you see me and i will explain:)
    p.s i love youuuu

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    1. i love summer league 💕

      bike rides are really fun, you can look up simple exercise plans and sets on pinterest and stuff ☺️

      i bet you’ll do great ❤️❤️

      i think i did. i’ll check to make sure. but that sounds like fun 😄

      and okiiiii

      p.s i love you tooo💕💕



  6. These are great tips! I struggle with healthy eating just because I have such a big sweet tooth…but like you, my mom always makes pretty healthy meals for dinner, so that helps. ;)

    I didn’t know the thing about your phone lighting up and your brain waking up and registering it! That’s insane, our brain is literally so cool. XD My parents make me plug my phone in the kitchen at night, which is a little annoying but definitely better for me in the long run, haha.

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    1. thank you! (i do as well 😉)

      i didn’t know it either for a while, but it’s a good thing to be aware of! and it’s true, especially since the majority of humans only use 10% of their brains 😱 i plug mine in downstairs at night, but if i have to have it in my room i power it down completely.


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  9. I love to go to the gym about 4 time a week with exercises such as yoga and dance aerobics. Using the sauna is also a good form of relaxation and meditation as well as removing toxins in our skin etc through sweating. Always cook my own meals from scratch and napping is good too lol

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    1. i’ve really wanted to start going to a gym, and yoga looks really fun. i have some friends that are really into it. i don’t think i’ve ever tired a sauna before but i think i might have to sometime ;) and wow that’s lovely! my mom cooks meals for me cause i can’t cook for the life of me 😜 but they’re always homemade. and sadly i can only nap during the day when i’m really really tired, but i’m hoping to get better at it cause sleep is quite lovely XD

      thanks for commenting!xx


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      1. Oh wow you should certainly try some yoga and get your flexibility in. I think sauna will be a bit of a shock to your system on your first time but your body will adjust accordingly. It’s good stuff! Google the Heath benefits of gym and yoga I also wrote a post on the benefits ‘I did it and I’m sticking to it’.

        Lovely lovely post hun!

        Keep eating your mums food and learn as much as you can now your body will love you for it!

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    1. i did notice that, but i’m sorry, i don’t allow people to use my content without my permission because it’s my writing. please take my post off your page, thank you.



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