« dwelling in the past »

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one of the easiest ways we hurt ourselves without even realizing it, but one of the hardest things to get past.

throughout life, we all experience different things, both good and bad. we gain happy memories, we get hurt by others, we lose things close to our heart, and we get back up again to keep going.

while we all get up to continue on with our lives, what some of us don’t realize is that sometimes we leave a part of us behind with things of the past.

we feel broken and incomplete while we try and live our lives and we don’t understand why.

this is something i feel is very important to bring to light. it’s so hard to move past things in your past. sometimes you don’t want to. but it’s vital.

when you continue to leave bits and parts of yourself with those past things, slowly you fall apart and you’ll find it even harder to let go of things.

as an example, i was very close to someone once. i thought our friendship would never end and life was absolutely amazing. then that person walked out of my life.

i didn’t know what to do anymore. the one person that seemed to be supporting me suddenly walked away and let me fall to my knees on the ground. i made myself believe  couldn’t get back up to my feet without that person.

months went on and i stayed in the dirt. friends and family of mine offered me hands up but i never excepted them because i kept my focus on the person in the distance, their back to me.

when i finally realized the person was never coming back, i began to think i needed someone else to help me up. while everyone i loved offered me help, i ignored them and kept looking for someone stronger.

what took me a long time to realize was i really didn’t need ANY person. i had strength of my own, no matter how helpless and broken i felt. i had the power to stand so my feet without anyone.

so i did. i took the piece of myself back that i had left with that person, and continued walking.

what i think is important to remember is, moving on is not forgetting.

that thing will always be in your mind, but moving forward is having to power to tell that thing it doesn’t have control over you or your life anymore. it’s understanding that letting that thing stay in your life is keeping you from being whole. and it’s having faith that letting that thing go will actually do you good, no matter how hard it is.

i want you all to know that no matter how broken you feel, you DO have the strength to stand back on your feet. to pull yourself back up and brush off the dirt.

no matter what is going on in your life or what happened in your past, you’re stronger.

there are better things in store, and that better is coming for you with arms open wide.

stay strong.



25 thoughts on “« dwelling in the past »

  1. Catharine Runion

    Sometimes, the only thing I can say after a post is thank you, even though my heart is feeling a million other things. I think this is one of those posts, so thank you!

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  2. Faith Ison

    Thanks for this. I think losing a friend you thought would be in your life forever is one of the most difficult things to experience, but we learn so much from it. It’s not fun. I hate it. But we can learn more about the beauty of life when realize we are enough. I love the concept that we find true joy in first Christ and ourselves, and then people can add happiness to that, but for so long I thought my happiness was dependent on people. The sad but true fact is that someone will always eventually let you down in some way (I still fully believe in trust and friendship btw, I don’t completely hate people ;) But Christ will NEVER leave us nor forsake us.

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  3. Gosh, this is really awesome, McKenna! I experienced something like what you went through. I thought my ex best friend and I would grow old together, see each other through high school, college, university, work, marriage, and death. Well, that never came true because our friendship started getting rocky as we got older. Eventually, I moved away and gained new friends. I think she moved away later on as well. Since we both were homeschoolers, we met each other a few times but it was really awkward because I was hanging with my new friends and had a new best friend so I kept my distance. Sometimes later she moved to another country (which she is originally from) so we never saw each other again. It was a little heart breaking for me but I moved on. It turned out alright in the end and I’m still very happy and contented now. Hope you do, too. You write the most fabulous posts. Keep it up.

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  4. I absolutely love the positive message of this post. People will come and go throughout your life so the most important question to ask yourself is if you can live with yourself. Do you like ‘you’? Do you like spending time with yourself? Having a support system of people in your life is always important but if you can’t rely on yourself then why should others? Anyway, these are just some thoughts I had floating around in my head after reading this. Love this post xx

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