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COULD MY TITLE GET ANY LONGER?? actually it could, but i think this one is the longest so far.

helloooo, lovelies :) i hope today has been just dandy so far and that it only get better from now.

one thing bloggers strive for the most is getting their blog out there and receiving more follows. i don’t think it’s selfish, i think it’s a totally normal thing. i get excited myself when i get a new follower. (now, i’m not denying there are people that take things out of proportion, but that’s not important).

i’ve almost had my blog for a year now, (i’ve still got about two months to go), so i’d consider myself kinda experienced at blogging? at least more than some people. (i see all you new bloggers out there. wassup).

i decided to write i post to try and help out you new bloggers that are maybe looking for some tips to bring more traffic to their blogs. heck, even senior bloggers might want tips. i know i enjoy posts like this (not saying i’m a senior blogger. at least i don’t think i am…)

i feel like my intro is flighty, i’m sorry. anyways, here are some blogging tips that hopefully will help you nuggets with your blogs.


to jump right in, i figured i’d start with the most important tip (in my opinion). one thing that really draws me to someone blog is its aura. that might sound weird, but i guess i mean the atmosphere it brings.

when you’re writing for your blog, make sure to keep the mood light and happy. i get that life sometimes sucks, (it definitely does for me), and your blog is a great way to vent to people and share your thoughts, but i guess try not to go overboard.

i honestly can’t stand reading blogs that are moody and drowsy in a sense. it brings down my mood and i don’t want that. so, if you want people to not only find your blog attractive but also return, KEEP THEM POSITIVE VIBES.


if you want your blog to get out there, you need to get it out there! when you comment on other blogs, leave your name at the bottom along with a link to your blog. leave links in your social media bio’s or in the captions of some of you posts.

i think this is a great way to get your blog out into the blogging world more, but some people also take this one to the extreme sometimes.

i don’t suggest asking people to visit your blog too much. leaving subtle links is a more effective way to get people to visit your blog because it’s more appealing to the people around you.

when you beg people to visit your site or go a little crazy with advertising, it’ll make you seem desperate and less people will actually want to click through.


i CANNOT stretch this one enough.

every blogger has goals they want to reach for followers, but asking people to follow you will do the complete opposite for you. you might even lose followers.

i’ve seen posts where people will mention “following for more awesome stuff!’ or mentioning “follows are appreciated!” i’m not saying i hate blogs that do this or i won’t follow them, but it can be kind of irritating to me.

this is another one of those things that can make you seem desperate and scare people away.

my tip is to make a clever little comment to go along with your follow button. something funny or cute and unique that goes along with your blog and makes you original.


finally, keep people guessing! i understand sometimes bloggers do challenges or contests that go on for long periods of times, but outside of that sometimes i won’t read posts if they’re almost the same thing as their last one.

people like new things and new ideas. make sure you expand your selections of topics and material. browse other blogs for post ideas or try new things you might be afraid to do. if the post doesn’t succeed, then you can improve from that point on.

let's chat!

what did you guys think of this post? what are some tips you would give new bloggers?

i hope you guys enjoyed this! have a fabulous day and drink some chocolate milk. milk is healthy (and the chocolate definitely doesn’t reverse that. that’s what they want you to believe).



25 thoughts on “« tips for blogging | how to get traffic/keep bringing people back »

  1. Great list, Mckenna! I kid of get annoyed with people who constantly remind me to follow them 😂 It may actually have the opposite effect, haha. #sorrynotsorry
    And variety is so IMPORTANT. Different kind of content is incredible and makes me want to follow your blog :-)

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  3. rafstheticallypleasing

    these are all such great tips – thank you for sharing! btw i just found you blog and am having a lil’ binge read if you don’t mind hehe ☆

    Liked by 1 person

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