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hello everybody :D i had stopped doing random posts awhile ago cause i thought they were pretty dumb, but a lot of people seemed to enjoy the last one i did, so i might have to do more in the future?

weeeeelcome back! i am currently working my butt off at a swim meet, so this post was scheduled (and written when i was supposed to be doing school. but that part isn’t important).

i was tagged recently by the lovely writeowl to the the ‘who is God to you tag’ ♡ (thank you, love). go check this girl’s blog out because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

i can’t think of anything else to say for an intro so les do this.



1) thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog or website.

2) nominate five bloggers to do the who is God to you? tag.

3) answer the five questions and give five new questions for the people you nominated to answer. if you want, you can use the same five questions as the last person.

4) display the who is God to you? logo in your blog post.

| writeowl’s questions |

1) who is God to you?
He’s my friend. i don’t think being a christian is just the religion, it’s the personal relationship between a person and God.

He’s the one who has forgiven all my sins and given me the opportunity to spend eternity in heaven with him despite my sins. I can always count on Him to keep loving me no matter what.

honestly, He’s my everything and i can’t fit everything on here.

(He’s also a complete dork. literally hilarious).

2) which book of the bible is your favorite?
i’d say proverbs. it’s full of really beautiful poems and it gives me happy feels. not to mention it has so much wisdom contained in it.

3) what was a defining moment in your life as a christian?
the moment i realized it’s not about me.

my relationship with God is not about living my life and relying on him to make things right when i screw up or life gets tough.

i was created to live for Him. instead of just making my way through life and maybe praying to Him now and then, i’ve started to live my life for His glory and do everything for Him.

4) who is your favorite Bible character an why?
i feel like this would be a common answer but probably Esther. i mean, she did kinda risk her life to save her people and that’s pretty brave. also a really great thing to be remembered for. (slay, girl, slay).

5) what is your favorite worship song and why?
I DON’T KNOW. there are so many amazing ones. literally i was afraid when i saw this question because i knew i wouldn’t be able to think of something.

hillsong, bethel, amanda cook, and kim walker smith are my main favorites i’d say, and anything by them is incredibly fabulous.

guys, i’m horrible at tagging people, i swear. i also have to do school XD

definitely do this tag if you want to. it’s really fun and a good way to share about your faith. (also just use the same questions i did) (i’m sorry, i’m a horrible person that can’t do tags right).

let's chat!

what did you guys think of my answers?

 sorry for the short post, i’ll try and be more exciting next post. have a great day :)




20 thoughts on “« who is God to you? | tag »

    1. sure! so someone will get tagged by someone else or start a tag with questions and things so answer in certain categories. there are award tags, like the liebster award and the awesome blogger award that bloggers will pick certain people to award.

      i was tagged in this one just to answer the questions. when i tag people, i try and think of other bloggers that i think would have really interesting answers and enjoy it a lot.

      i didn’t tag anyone specifically to do this, but honestly if they look interesting to you you should go ahead and do them! (i’ve done that a couple times a think).

      but in he end you just follow the rules and answer the questions :)

      hope that helped :D


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  1. Cherry Cola22

    I loved reading your answers! I like Esther (Hadassah) too! Actually the holiday in the book of Esther, Purim, is this Thursday but my synagogue is celebrating it today with a whole carnival theme😉

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  2. Veronica M.

    I think I want to do this tag on my blog!! One of my favorite books in the bible is also Proverbs, and Esther was such a brave woman to save her people in the face of death. Loved this post (: ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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