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wassup, peeps? i have returned with another post and i’m pretty excited for this one :))

i was nominated for the liebster award by kathryn from bloomingwiththewildflowers. thanks, dude! :D (you’re amazing).

at first i had no idea what that was, but i’m pretty sure it’s mainly a really great way to find other blogs and learn more about said nominated blogger. at least that’s what i understand it’s about (someone let me know if i’m wrong).

here are the rules:

1. acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award

2. answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you

3. give 11 random facts about yourself

4. nominate 11 blogs

5. notify those blogs of their nomination

6. give them 11 questions to answer

her questions/my answers:

what’s your favorite kind of tea?

plain old green tea. i’m boring, i know. but it’s okay, jesus loves me. if i’m going to drink it though, it has to be the perfect temperature/have the perfect amount of sugar (i’m also very picky, but jesus still loves me).

what’s your favorite theme song?


if given a free ticket, which country would you choose to visit and why?

italy. i’s so beautiful and i’ve always wanted to see rome and venice.

what is the one thing you wish people knew about you?

i don’t always act the way i might when we first meet. sometimes i’m crazy and out of control when i’ve had sugar or i’m tired. other times i hide from people and i like to be alone. it comes from being both extroverted and introverted i guess. sometimes i find it easier to charge my batteries around people, other times when i’m alone.

what is your greatest achievement?

i got a 99.9% on a 500 word essay one time. i think i missed like a comma or something. ooh but one time i made chocolate milk without failing!! i think i mentioned that in one post. i was really happy.

what is your most prized possession?

my cat. i determined it by what i would grab first if my house was on fire.

what are three of your main goals?

write a novel and have it published someday, travel to as many places in the world as possible in my lifetime, and hit 1000 followers on this blog.

how did you pick your blog’s name?

i had help from my friend, b :)) i was having a lot of trouble coming up with something so we emailed back and forth for a while and one of her suggestions had the word ‘alternate’ in it. i love the thought of galaxies far away and space in general, so the name ‘alternate galaxy’ was birthed.
along with that, sometimes i like to view my mind as an alternate galaxy. a mysterious, far away place full of unknown things waiting to be discovered. that where my tagline ‘to the stars and never back’ came from :)

what’s your favorite post that you’ve written?

status. to most people, it might just seem like another one of my poetry posts. but even in the title and the last sentence ‘that is my new status’ there’s a LOT of meaning that moved me in a really great way while i was writing it.

if you won the lottery what’s the first thing you’d buy?

LAMBO. is that selfish? idk.

who is your role model?

probably jesus.

eleven random facts about me:

1. i don’t watch stranger things

2. i have no balance whatsoever

3. i think bob ross is cool

4. i’m getting my braces off on the nineteenth of this month (i’ve had them for almost two years)

5. i can talk in a pretty good russian accent

6. i’ve always wanted to learn how to fence

7. i was a savage young child

8. one of my favorite nicknames is llama (inside joke)

9. i have a penpal (actually kinda an epenpal at the moment [through email])

10. i hate pencils (i have my reasons)

11. i’m gonna be a lifeguard this coming year

who i’m nominating:

rutvi @ capturing and creating

simplygone @ dear universe

hope @ the nerd notebook

 julia @ julia’s journal

carol @ peeking through a kaleidoscope 

rayne @ the bus stop

mirra @ colours beyond dreams

starling @ starling

zella @ dancing among the stars

sophie @ sophie harris

nicole @ worlds beyond words

questions for them:

if you could change your own name, what name would you choose?

if you could have any super power, what would it be?

what is your favorite memory from your childhood?

what’s your most embarrassing moment?

what’s your favorite holiday and why?

what’s your biggest fear?

do you want kids in the future? how many?

what’s your favorite christmas tradition?

are your left or right handed?

what’s your spirit animal?

what’s your biggest obsession?

this was a pretty fun post to write :)) (thanks again, kathryn, for nominating me xx).

i’m not sure why everything was the number eleven for this. there’s probably a really obvious reason or someone likes stranger things. either way i wouldn’t get it.

i hope you guys enjoyed reading this and you’re having a wonderful day.




10 thoughts on “« liebster award »

  1. bob ross is rad, i just got a pin for my jacket with his face on it.

    oooh you’re getting your braces off? that’s great, congrats!! you’ve got to tell me if it hurts or not because that’s what i’m scared of.

    xo loren


  2. This was an amusing post. XD XD Also YAYAYAYAY congratulations on getting your braces off soon! Boy that will feel good. I had mine for almost three years. -_- Also pen pals are the best. *nods* WOW you’re going to be a lifeguard? That’s great! :D

    Liked by 1 person

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