« more woods photography, but colder this time »

so one of my goals this year was to do more photography. to my dismay, there are not many interesting things to photograph around my house.

i was planning on walking around the backyard to see what i could find, but i ended up at my creek again taking pictures of the water (which this time was actually the title of a really annoying and overplayed disney movie about a girl who somehow resurrects her sister with a hug).

silly me had the camera set for indoor photography which i didn’t notice until i had already taken all my goshdang pictures. so all of these will have more a blueish tint to them, but it’s not too bad.

anyways, i hope you guys enjoy looking at more of my pictures :))
[all pictures belong to me]



there’s a bush at the corner of our house that had little icicles hanging off the tips of the leaves :)) the picture above looks super edited but i actually left it the way it was.



i kinda liked how this one looked to i decided not to delete it even though it’s a little weird.

i took a towel out with me a tried a couple pictures laying on the ground. i liked how this one turned out 😀

at this point, everyone should understand my intro. yes, the creek was frozen XD

it was cool taking close-ups and seeing how the water looked in them.



i always end up having a favorite picture out of the bunch and this is probably the one this time :))




around this time, i was quite tired of taking pictures from rocks and such, so i decided to test the strength of the ice by dropping huge rocks on it from heights. turns out, it was actually pretty THICC in parts.

here’s a picture of me being a dumb nut for proof.

i got up the courage to lay my towel down and try and get some cool pictures, and i would say it kinda worked. at this point, the ice started making very scary noises. but, being the dumb nut i am, instead of getting off i decided to hop up and down to test its strength again.

no i was not putting myself or a $800 camera at risk of getting soaked, i don’t know what you’re talking about.




it was about 30 degrees outside with wind, and with my tendency to be cold ALL THE TIME i was quite numb.


that’s all i’ve got for now :))

i’m not super great at photography, but i just really enjoy it and this is the only place i can get people to look at my pictures against their will. so naturally i’m going to post them here.

let's chat!

what was your favorite picture? are you glad winter is almost over?

while your down in the comments, how about you drop me some questions for me next q&a? if you do that, your questions will be featured in my part three and you’ll also get a shoutout/link to your blog.

ALSO SUPER QUICK. i was sketching during math the other day and drew some eyes. i thought i’d share the picture with you guys.

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

what do you think?

you guys are great. you should eat some ice cream to reward yourself for being so amazing.

see you guys later 




« 2018 bucket list »

i’ve seen a lot of posts about 2018 in my reader lately. i mean, a new year is a big deal, but i’m pretty sure most people have gotten all their newyearness out of them at this point.

WELL here i am to bring you more new years jazz *jazz hands* (YES, i’m aware it’s mid january, but you know, i don’t really care).

sorry if you’re tired of reading about 2018 at this point. you can click away now if you don’t want to see any more about it, but then you’ll miss out on my totally awesome plans for this year and sporadic dance moves and such captured in star things. what are they even called?? *googles* ASTERISKS *more jazz hands but more violent this time*

i’m sorry. let’s get back to the original topic maybe?? (mckenna is actually trying to stay on track?????)

BUCKET LISTS. they’re these super cool checklists of all these things you want to do. you can make them at the beginning of a new year, summer, winter, or honestly whenever the heck you want to.

there’s a lot of really cool/fun things i would like to do this year, some of them that i’ve even already tried to do in the past years but, you know, PROCRASTINATION *waves hands over head in an ark motion forming a rainbow above me while glitter rains down on you* i’m also just really bad at planning stuff.

anyways, here’s some things i’d really like to do this year if i can. enjoy, or you’ll spontaneously combust. what? i mean. let’s move on-

.source for all pictures: pinterest.


go ice skating
i was just in NY and went ice skating there, but i’d really like to go to the rinks around where i live with friends sometime. the cold weather is finally fading away, so i doubt i’ll be able to do this until the end of this year, but that’s okay.


ride some sick roller coasters
i used to be terrified of roller coasters. i wouldn’t get within 100 feet of the line. when i was in universal studios a couple years ago, i was on a vip tour where we went behind the scenes of ‘the hulk.’ it was a super scary lookin thing, and i refused to go on it until my tour guide promised she’d ride it with me if i did. the ride’s closed now, but long story short, i rode that thing about five times within two day, three times on closing day. it kinda sparked my love for roller coasters.

i haven’t been to an amusement park since then, so my goal this year is to visit one and be daring in my choice of rides.


pull an all-nighter
this one would most likely be done with friends because i would make myself bored. i’ve only done this once before, but it was alone and it took everything i had to stay awake. i think it would be fun to try this with a group of friends and just hang out.


hike some awesome trails
i really like hiking, and i want to do it more than i do now. there a legitimate mountain right behind my house and i know there are great trails up there, i’ve just yet to hike them. hiking is also really fun to do with other people, so i guess this is another activity i’d like to do with my frens.


go to a concert
pretty sure i’ve gone to at least one of these every year already. i tend to help out at christian concerts held near where i live for the program that holds them cause my mom is really involved. i’ve been to a couple other though (i.e TWENTY ONE PILOTS??)

i honestly couldn’t go to too many of these. i love the volume, the crowds, the cheering, and the performances.


go night swimming
since i’ll be working a lot at my pool this year, i could potentially jump the fence and go swimming after hours? but that’s also strictly against the rules?? and probably illegal too??? honestly, i don’t really care where i do this if i do, i just really want to do it.

Zion-Night-Sky (1).jpg

go star gazing
STARZZZZZZZZ. dude i’m obsessed. they’re so beautiful and every time i look up at night and see them i just dream non-stop. i think it would be super cool to go up on the mountain behind me house or just a really desolate place with friends and just sit under the stars for a long time. aaaagh just thinking about doing this makes me so happy.

i have many more things i want to do this year, but i figured i’d just scratch the surface so i’m not boring you all for hours.

well, thanks for reading another post about 2018. have a lollipop *hands you a lollipop* you’re all good sports.

let's chat!.jpg

i’ve been trying to come up with a name for my lil fake plant i got for christmas, but i can’t come up with anything good. here’s a picture again:


what do you think i should name it? 

naming a fake plant may seem weird, but i’m pretty sure i have an emotional attachment to this thing now and calling it ‘it’ all the time just doesn’t seem right. i’m also weird myself so i don’t really care (FIGHT ME [actually, please don’t. i’m weak]).

also, i found someone’s blog recently that’s super cool so you guys should totally go check it out :)) the blogger’s name is fenna, and her blog is fenna’s weird blog.

tenga un buen dís, mis amigos.



« what’s in your headphones? | 2 »


i’ve been using question marks a lot after most of my sentences lately. maybe because i’m just super confused about life??

I’VE COME BACK with another ‘what’s in your headphones?’ post 😀 seemed like you guys like the last one i did, so i decided to do another.

i honestly haven’t changed up what i listen to recently? if it’s possible to die from listening to too much NF, i’m a goner. then again, i don’t think too much NF is a thing. i don’t think it can be.

i have found some super cool artists lately though. rediscovered some.

what’s in my headphones


1) rachel platten | 4.5/5 |
i’ve known about rachel platten since ‘fight song’ released who know how many years ago. i really liked that song a lot until it was over played. but jut my luck! she recently released a new album called ‘waves.’

she has such a beautiful voice and does really well with giving each one of her songs different sounds. they all have amazing lyrics and positive messages. the only reason i took off half a point is because in maybe one or two of her songs she swears and sometimes repeats it a couple times.


2) khalid | 4/5 |
FUN FACT. my second cousin knows khalid personally. they met at a music festival a couple years ago before he became famous. i just thought that was pretty cool.

khalid has been around for a while, but he just recently hit the charts and was discovered by mwah. i first heard his song ‘young, dumb, and broke’ on the radio and soon after looked him up and began listening to his music. (HIS SONG SILENCE IS AMAZING). i took off one point because of the small amount of language in his music, but also because of the fact he doesn’t give as much dimensions to his songs. they all have a very similar sound to them.


3) post malone | 3/5 |
i should probably explain how he actually got on my list in the first place. i listen to his music fairly often, both on the radio and on my own (i will note it’s only ever the clean versions). that’s one reason why he’s on here, but also because of the person he is. ignoring his explicit content and sometimes dirty mouth in real life, he’s actually a really funny and cool dude so i figured i’d add him in.

this guys knows how to write catchy songs. i can play all his music on repeat without it ever getting annoying, not to mention the fact he has a really beautiful voice. i took two points off because, sadly, he does have a lot of explicit content in his music. some people may not even feel comfortable listening to the edited versions on the radio because of some of the content, but, i don’t know. i think he’s super dope.


4) ed sheeran | 4.5/5 |
pretty sure even if you don’t listen to ed on a regular basis you’ve probably heard at least one of his songs before, if not more. his song ‘perfect’ became really popular, really fast (it’s so prettyyyy).

this guy is a wizard on the guitar, and is voice is just g o r g e o u s. i love all his songs, they’re so soft and beautiful. i took off half a point because (i can’t be completely sure) i think there may be some language in a couple of his songs? also, in songs like ‘shape of you’ and maybe a few others there are definitely some suggestive lyrics.

like i said in my last post, i really don’t want these artists reputations to be based on my opinions. these are solely my ratings. if you’ve never heard some of these dudes, definitely go check them out, i suggest all of them to you 100% (maybe use discretion for post malone though).

i hope you all enjoyed reading this. let me know what you think about my ratings. would you rate these artists differently? also, what’s in your headphones? 

have a great day :))



« ert | the fivequal »

aha. we’re back with the fifth ert post :)) who’s excited other than me? *my cat meows and i cry because it turns out i’m not alone*

i hope everyone had a great new years! i would have said that in my last post but going straight from poetry to talking kinda ruins the…vibes? mood? atmosphere? words maybe???

i always find myself ranting at the beginning of all these posts and it’s really useless. i’m ranting again, so i’m just going to post the pictures now.

[all ideas came from pinterest, but some are altered. i promise i’m not trying to pass other people’s ideas off as my own]


2018-01-02 (1).jpg

2018-01-02 (2).jpg
just so you know i guess, the things on the hand are band aids. my entire family didn’t see that at all so i figured i’d make it known?

at first i thought you were a constellation. i drew a map of your stars, then i had a revelation. you’re as beautiful as endless, you’re the universe i’m helpless in.
sleeping at last . venus ||

2018-01-02 (3).jpg

2018-01-02 (4).jpg
well i did like this one a lot until i drew another thing on the next page and, again, forgot sharpie bleeds. but ignoring the visible lines, i find this one pretty cute :))

2018-01-02 (5).jpg
(ignore the weird finger. twas a mistake).

well that’s all :))

i hope you all have a lovely day and own some ice cream cause ice cream is the bomb.



« they »

2 0 1 8

they are.

they are meant for each other. made for each other. when the world was formed, so was their future together.

their connection cannot be broken. they are tethered for life, never to be separated.

though . . . they are separated. they are yet to find each other. they are yet to feel the safety of each others company.

constantly, they feel the other’s presence with them, but they are yet to see the other’s face. with their tether pulled taut, they are tied to each other.

they feel the connection. they grasp the tether with both hands, feeling the string in their palms. throughout the years, they both move closer to the other, following the string.

but the older they become and the closer they come to each other, the darker times seem. obstacles obscure their view of the other, and trials threaten to rive the tether. the joy and ease of their youth is lost, and the light disappears along with their childhood.

they start to forget about the connection. the feeling of each other’s presence becomes something less than a faint memory. as their problems become bigger to them, they begin to move back in the direction they came from.

they feel darkness start to overcome them. without the sound of the other’s heart beating in unison with theirs, they begin to feel alone. so alone.

the only way to find the light again is to be with each other. to embrace the other and never let go. but . . . they have lost complete memory of each other.

though, with the loneliness filling their hearts, God sees them.

He sees their struggles and He feels their hurt. no matter how far away they stray from the other, He knows how their story will end.

while they go on with their lives with the presence of the other lost in their childhood, He knows their tether is not yet broken. He sees the thin string still holding on. holding them together.

he whispers to one as she begins to find herself, “be patient, and i will bring him back to you.”

all in one moment, her memory returns. she hears his heartbeat again. she feels his warmth. she feels safe again.

in that instant, their tether is restored. they feel the tug, and they know the other is there.

the darkness seems to fade away, and they see their future. full of light. full of love.

they know that no matter how long it may take to find the other, to finally see their face, one day, they will stand before each other face to face. their tether will bind them together forever, and it will never be broken.

they are soul mates.