« season aesthetics »

hello people :) i hope everyone is having a lovely day and hopefully enjoying warm weather, (i sure am).

our trip to europe is so close now, it’s crazyyyyy. missing the majority of may here will suck, but i’m also upset i won’t be able to talk to my friends for a while :(  (and of course not post here).

for today, i thought it would be fun to make aesthetics for each of the four seasons. the weather is finally getting warmer here, and it’s feeling more like spring. it made me think about the feelings i get when new seasons come in and the small things i love about each one.

i hope you guys enjoy it :))

(all images are from pinterest)

Untitled design (1).jpg

winter: light snowfall, puffy jackets, fuzzy socks, and warm mittens, hot chocolate with marshmallows and freshly baked cookies, big blankets and a crackling fire place, cold noses and numb fingers, snowball fights and snowmen, tree hunting and hanging ornaments, opening presents on christmas and family, ice skating and sledding, candy canes and evergreen scented everything.

Untitled design (4)

spring: wild flowers and warm rains, light breezes and falling flower petals, rainbows, newly budding plants, warm nights sleeping on clean sheets with open windows, backyard barbecues, the smell of rain on hot pavement, freshly mown grass after a long winter, greenhouses, lemonade with ice, bare feet on the grass, birds chirping early in the morning.

Untitled design (2)

summer: beach vacations with sand seeping between your toes, cold ice cream with waffle cones, jumping in the chilly water when it gets too warm, long drives with the window down, walking barefoot everywhere, hikes, camping trips, friends, hammocks summer camp, birkenstock sandals and bikinis, feeling the warm sun on your skin while tanning, saltwater and the smell of the sea, shorts and tank tops, dipping your toes in the pool.

Untitled design (3).jpg

autumn: pumkin spice lattes, apple pies with vanilla ice cream, warm flannels straight out of the dryer, pumpkin patches, thick socks and a good book, spiced tea and a smoldering fire place, the sound of leaves crunching under your boots, jack o’ lanterns and trick or treating, scented candles, acorns, and brightly colored leaves.

these are all things i associate with each season, and i got super happy feelings while writing this post. i hope you guys enjoyed :))

i am currently writing this post while laying on my floor and listening to post malone’s new album with the windows open and i’m pretty happy.

i’m leaving for europe in just a couple days now aaaaagh. so i’ll see you all once i get back :D have a lovely day everyone, and don’t forget to drink lots of water.




« one year blogiversary + blogging tips and pointers »

one year blogiversary.jpg

SURPRISE. bet you guys didn’t plan on seeing me this soon. SO APPARENTLY, my dumb self put my blogiversary on my calendar ON THE WRONG DAY. according to my calendar, it’s not until the 15th of this month, so you can say i was a little shocked when i got a wordpress notification and i checked to find out that it is, in fact, actually today. ANYWAYS,

happy wednesday, my people :D today is a very special day (as you already know).

not only is it national baby day, national brothers and sisters day, national fire day, national concert day, national play your ukulele day, national truffle day, and national tuna day, it’s also my one year blogiversary (again, as you already know). yayyyyy, have some internet cake!!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 you’re welcome.

one year ago, i got the crazy idea to start a personal blog and post random stuff for people’s entertainment. still not sure if that was a good idea or not, but i still haven’t run out of post ideas so i guess it’s not a total fail so far? 🤷

i’ve been waiting for this day for a year now (nooo, really), and i’ve thought of a couple things to do. i figured i’d share my blogging stats with you guys so far, and also some blogging tips. at this point, i’ve already written one blogging tips post, so maybe i’ll actually be able to come up with stuff.

i guess i’ll just get into it then :D

since this day last year

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views: 5,355
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(that took forever to type out).

likes: 1,350

comments: 1,013
top commenters:
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most popular post: more woods photography, but colder this time
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my favorite posts:
-my aesthetic

that’s it for stats, so now it’s time for blogging tips and pointers for you guys :))

oh my gifts!.jpg

when it comes to making and managing a successful blog, navigation is very important. you want your followers and visitors to be able to find their way around your blog, to old posts, and different menu pages.

having a sidebar is very helpful, and it catches peoples eye as they scroll through your posts on your main page. you can add almost anything in settings to your sidebar to not only help people find their way around your blog, but other sites or social medias.

oh my gifts! (1)

i couldn’t come up with another way to phrase that.

i’ve seen several bloggers mention this particular pointer during blogging tip posts, and i think it’s fairly important.

for the background of your blog, at least where the words are, try and stick with plain white. it makes your site look cleaner, and it’s easier to read. also, white goes with any color, so no matter what your blog theme is, you’ll be set ;)

i’ve tried reading certain sites on google with black, blue, or other colors as their background, and it honestly hurts my eyes so i always click away and find something else, and you don’t want your followers to do that when they visit your blog.

oh my gifts! (3).jpg

when it comes down to when you post and how often, it’s very helpful to come up with a plan or schedual. it benefits you as a blogger in many ways.

i used to post every three days, but once that got to be too much for me, i switched to every saturday. it gives me time to not only come up with more ideas and content, but also to get work done outside of blogging and focus on things like school, sports, and friends.

also, be sure not to post everyday. leave a t  l e a s t one day in between each post. this will help give your readers something to look forward to, and also some room to breathe (even though they enjoy reading every single thing you write cause boi, you’re amazing😉)

oh my gifts! (4)

when you write your posts, don’t just talk about your personality, show it through your writing.

write the way you would talk. you don’t have to make your writing super official and perfect. it appeals to people when you show through your writing, and it also makes your posts and your blog unique, because you yourself are unique!

also, be yourself in what you choose to write about. don’t be afraid to write about your life, loves, and passions. your blog is your space to share you. if people aren’t a fan of that, that’s their choice (except who wouldn’t like you cause boi, you’re fab). but speaking out and showing no fear will draw people in and show them the real you, which is definitely something you want for your site :)

that’s all i’ve got for now! i hope you all enjoyed this post.

to my followers (even if you haven’t been following be since the beginning), thank you for sticking around and supporting me! it means a lot :))

i’ve enjoyed every second of this entire year i’ve been blogging, and i look forward to many more.

have a lovely day, everyone :D



« health tips »

hello everyone :D i was originally planning on doing a photodumb today, but my internet decided to be stupid so yayyyyyyyyy for improv 👏👏👏👏

i would consider myself a pretty healthy person, excluding the times i decide to be extremely unhealthy and eat crap, but that’s not important…

anyways, i thought i’d post about some health tips today that i either personally use or attempt to the majority of the time ;) i hope you guys enjoy.

oh my gifts! (1)

this fits in the the category of “tips i attempt to use the majority of the time,” but i cannot stress it enough.

considering the majority of your body consists of water, it’s extremely important to continue drinking water throughout your day, every day. especially if you work out on a regular basis or play a sport.

for me, this one is difficult cause i hate having to pee every two minutes, but i’ve heard that gets better over time. unfortunately i wouldn’t know that yet. i hope to soon enough though.

this tip is #1 on my list, because if it isn’t the most important step to getting/staying healthy, it’s pretty close.

oh my gifts! (3)

whether you participate in a sport or not, staying active isn’t as difficult as you may imagine it to be. depending on how your body handles exercise and healthy actions, the level of activity needed to stay healthy may vary, but not much is usually needed to stay in good shape and health.

getting in good shape takes a lot work and motivation, but keeping your body healthy by keeping active is a simpler task. i suggest stretching every morning when you wake up, and maybe doing a couple exercises.

keeping active can also include simple things like going on walks or bike rides, running on a treadmill, or even just deciding to go outside to play and do activities rather than choose to stay inside on youtube or netflix ;) (i struggle with this myself).

oh my gifts! (1)

when your focus is becoming healthier, making wise decisions is extremely important. this can be in how much water you drink, how much exercise you get, or other things, but what i’m mainly getting at is eating healthy foods.

thank the lord, my mother decides to make super healthy meals for us the m a j o r i t y of the time (while somehow still making them taste fabulous), so i’ve never really had to watch what i eat.

sometimes it can be more difficult than you think to order a salad rather than fried chicken and a milkshake at a restaurant, but in the end, the decision will pay off.

some people find it necessary to count calories, others naturally eat extremely healthy foods, but in order to keep your body properly nourished, be wise in what you choose to consume.

oh my gifts! (5)

i understand getting good sleep isn’t always possible for some people, but being well rested it very important to maintain good health.

things like going to bed earlier before a big test or job interview will not only improve your health, but also boost your energy and mood the next day due to the effects it has on your body.

one thing i find very important involves your phone or electronic devices. before you go to bed or when you can’t sleep, i 100% DO NOT advice being on an electronic device. staring at a screen before sleeping can reduce the hours of sleep you get, and also prevent you from falling asleep faster. if being on a device is necessary for, say, school work, look into turning on the bedtime screen, which turns off certain lights in your screen so it won’t effect your body/brain in the same ways.

along with this comes something even more important (i wasn’t aware of this at first, but i’m glad i am now). when you do put your device away for the night, either put it in another room while you sleep, or power it down completely. throughout the night when you’re “asleep,” when a notification goes off or the screen lights up, your brain recognizes the sound/light and actually wakes up for quite a while each time.

even though you may not physically be awake or aware or anything around you, your brain is technically not asleep, thus depriving you of needed rest.

well, that’s all i have. i use these tips as often as possibly (not as much of the first one, but i’m working on it). these ones are pretty common tips, but hopefully they were of use to you.

the past couple of days, i’ve had my lifeguard training :D thursday and friday, it was from 4:30 to 8:30 pm, but today and tomorrow, it’s from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, so i am currently in training :)) it’s been a lot of hard work, but i’ve also learned a lot, and i’m excited to work at my pool this year.

let's chat!

what things do you do to stay healthy? what plans do you have for the summer?

just a warning in advance, i will be in europe from may 13-31st, so during that time i will not be posting, but when i come back, hopefully i’ll have some great stories and pictures to share with you all :)

i hope you all have a fabulous saturday. stay healthy, kids ;)



« VSCO app review/edits »

hello everyone, welcome baaaack :)) i hope everyone is doing great.

i’ve decided to start doing app review posts! (definitely not because i’m running out of ideas. cause i’m not. it would be crazy to think that).

i figured i’d start off with one of my favorite apps, VSCO!
click the picture to visit my VSCO profile ;) 


i got this app once i got a phone, so a couple months ago. i just started using it more recently, and i don’t have too many pictures on it at the moment cause i’m attempting to stick to a general theme.

there are ups and downs to this app that i’m going to touch on today. here we go:

– VSCO is really good for editing pictures. i love the different looks you can get on your pictures and i like messing around with them
– uploading pictures from your camera role is super easy
– you can save your edited pictures to you camera role, and also send them to people straight from the app
– you can re-post pictures from other people’s VSCO’s to your collection, and they don’t show up on your main account
– it’s a great app to post pictures you like without spamming people by putting them on your instagram or other social medias.

– finding people on VSCO is pretty difficult
– navigating the app isn’t super easy

that’s all for reviews :D i don’t have many negative opinions on this app, but the two i mentioned do kind of bug me. i also thought i share some of my personal pictures that i edited on VSCO!


unnamed (7).jpg

unnamed (8).jpgi took this picture while in georgia on another app that i’ll be reviewing in the future ;) this one was edited to more fit the theme of my VSCO and i like how it turned out.


unnamed (3).jpg


unnamed (4).jpg
this is me and my best friend. don’t be deceived, we actually don’t have matching onesie’s, the one i’m wearing is my sister’s. we’re not as cute as we first appear. this picture is soon to (shhh) appear on my instagram for her birthday coming up :)) so you guys are special cause you get a sneak peek.


unnamed (1)


unnamed (9)
this picture is from my post fly me to the moon. it was indeed taken by me, and it’s one of my favorites. i really like how i was able to brighten the pictures up and make it look more aesthetic-y (which is a word).




unnamed (2).jpg
a picture from my post aperture, also taken by me. i was able to make the tree a lot more clear with VSCO, and i think this one also looks more aesthetic-y.

before: unnamed (5).jpg


unnamed (6).jpg
ignoring my messy room behind me. i might have to go back and try editing this again, cause i’m not a huge fan of it. i wanted the picture on my VSCO, but the colors didn’t quite match my theme so i tried to make it fit a little better. not everything works out i guess.


unnamed (11)


unnamed (10)
and now it’s time foooooor…EDITING WITH BARELY ANY DIFFERENCE! *insert applause* i actually uploaded these pictures in the wrong spots while writing this post cause i literally can’t tell them apart. they actually could be in the wrong spots at the moment, i don’t know. i don’t have anything to say about this one cause it’s just a plant, so….

that’s all i have for now! i’m obviously not that great at editing, but i really like messing around with pictures :)

 let's chat!

do you have a VSCO? what do you think of the app? let me know in the comments some of your favorite apps you think i should review.

aside from this post, i had another idea for a post that i’d like to do in the future. i’d like to start doing reviews on different youtubers and their channels!

if you have any youtubers you’d like to see me do reviews on, let me know in the comments :)

i hope you all have a lovely saturday or whatever day it is where you live :D i’ll see you all next week.



« atlanta, georgia | year two»

unnamed (1)
look at all of my beautiful beans

i’m baaaaaack. sunday night i also made it back from atlanta, georgia :) (i had gotten five hours of sleep the night before, it was a nine hour car ride, and i went straight to youth group only to stay up late again. it’s fine, i’m fine, i’ve rested at this point.

before i continue on, i thought i’d share a BRILLIANT idea my swim coach decided to come up with -_- he sent out an email telling us all the find an old t-shirt, cut off the sleeves, and start wearing it to practice.

i was super confused at first until HE TOLD US WE HAD TO WEAR IT DURING SETS FOR DRAG. now during the summer, my other team will sometimes have fun nights and occasionally we’ll do t-shirt races. you have to swim a lap with a super heavy shirt on, get out and get it on your team mate as fast as possible, then they swim a lap and it keeps going.

now that’s all fun in games even if it is hard, but now we get to do that while swimming one of K’S SETS. i’m gonna drown.

aaaaaanyways, i said i’d probably write a post about georgia once i got back, so i’m going to :D

all of my old friends from last year except for c(n) and z, but i also made two new friends :D (they aren’t in the picture above because they were watching netflix but it’s okay).

this time i’m gonna write some little notes to everyone again, and then i’ll tell you all about the trip. here we go.

left to right in the top picture…

i: you looked reeeeeeally uncomfortable when that lady was talking to us. you do have a great smile though and you’re super funny. i’m glad we got to hang with you guys more this year and i loved watching you do the cup song XD

m: YOU BEAT ME IN NINJA GOSHDANGIT. i was close though, i will say that. watching you do the cup song was also really funny, and sorry you weren’t able to be the mafia this year. L kept ruining the game every time you got that card. anyways, you’re really fun to be around and you’ve got a great sense of humor. sorry for making you slide down the stairs on your butt.

e: this year was super great thanks to you. you’re awesome man, and i meant it when i said i was glad i got to know you more. last year you were pretty quiet and i remember you being really sweet, but you also have another side to you that i’m happy i got to see this time. singing with you was amazing, and i can’t wait to do it again next year. maybe you’ll be able to eat at fast food restaurants at that point too. until then…

p: idc what the majority of my friends said over dm’s, our remade vines were absolutely on point and hilarious. thanks for keeping me company during both car rides. thanks for not getting is lost this year and also eating breakfast with me every morning so i didn’t look weird sitting alone :D (bax is a d o r a b l e)

 b: i’m sorry you don’t have a phone. try and keep in touch on discord alright. and i’ll try and message you more often and keep the conversation alive. also, our straw bridge was 100% percent legal, i’m just pretty sure you knew we were gonna beat you guys so you were salty. also i will admit it was pretty funny that you were the first to be picked off every time we played mafia, even if it annoyed you.

g: okay so the “hug” at the end of the night was super awkward. i know you were sick but honestly i wouldn’t have cared if i had gotten sick. your hair is as fancy as always, and you’re just as sweet as i remember.

c: daaaaang man, i missed you. it was great catching up! sorry you guys were so busy this weekend, but i’m glad we still had time to hang out with you all. sorry for killing you in mafia, but technically e and i decided on it together.

not pictured:

mg: you’re a really sweet girl. sorry L was so annoying, but next time i’d just ignore him. even getting mad at him won’t make him stop so it’s better to just not acknowledge anything he does you know. until m came it was great to have another girl, and i swear your rule book for girls was so accurate. i hope your fear of escalators will go away soon, and good luck with getting glasses.

m: your style is super cool. i loved all your clothes. also, idc what l said your hair looks amazing with the purple in it. we didn’t get to talk a lot, but i thought it was super sweet how close you and mg became. also, g is a really cute kid and you’re lucky to have him as a little brother.

i know the majority of you (aka all of you) skipped over those, so sorry for making you scroll, but some of the people from the trip read my blog so i had to add those in :D

now to talk about the trip. it went by so much faster this year it seemed, and i’m thinking it’s because we already knew everyone. it sucked, but it was still a great weekend.

when we first got to atlanta, we immediately headed over to the conference center to find everyone, and we did :) there was a scrafty event going on in one of the rooms and we all ate a lot of candy and did activities. i’m fairly sure that night we also all headed over the the mall and had chick-fil-a for dinner (p didn’t get us lost this year! [i know, i’m shocked as well]).

over the weekend, we did go down into the creepy mall area a couple times, but at one point this lady talked to us down there for a full hour and wouldn’t leave so we stopped going down there eventually.

day two we played lots of mafia, truth or dare, jack box, and other things. i think we had chick-fil-a for lunch that time (i can’t remember every time cause i had it about four times that weekend) and went to the apple store again (p started playing havana super loud on one of the speakers and didn’t believe me when i said it was too loud). from the looks the employees were giving us i can’t believe they didn’t kick us out. that night, e, p, i, m and i (as in me) went out to dinner and had some BOMB burgers. get back in there you dumb cheese.

on the last day, we played more games and hung out some more. we did go to the arcade, but the wait times on everything were several hours and some of the moms weren’t thrilled with how late we were going to be out. so instead, we got chick-fil-a for dinner (shocking, i know), and all headed over to our hotel to hang out for the night. we ate and played reverse charades for a while, and then moved down to the lobby.

there, most everyone was playing a card game called speed? i wasn’t paying attention because e and i were making beautiful music with his ukulele and singing together (YOU HAVE AN AMAZING VOICE MAN AND YOUR SKILL IS CRAZY). anyway, that was probably the main highlight of my week. we had to move up to the room though, because L threw his hat off the balcony  -_- one of the ladies working there got mad about it and said technically only 21 or older aged people were supposed to be down there. she said we could have stayed, but we decided to be good kids and go away.

once we got into the room, c, g, and b had to leave :( it was sad, but p and i stayed with e, m, and i (along with their three other siblings) and played jack box until 1:45.

we got to see them again in the morning at breakfast, then got on the road at 9:00 in the morning.

tbh, nothing much different happened this year compared to last, but it was just as memorable and fun because of everyone. we mainly just hung out and it was a lot of fun :)

thankfully, this year i have a way to contact everyone i met, and we’re all going to try and play jack box and facetime as much as possible until next year.

thank you to everyone for making this weekend another highlight of my year for the second time in a row, and i miss you all tons. i can’t wait to see you guys next time.

i’m done now. sorry if i bored you all. i hope everyone has been having a fabulous life and the weather doesn’t suck too much where you live. (at the moment, it’s snowing out side -_- IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO SNOW IN APRIL WHAT IS THIS SDFJADS;JFJSNAFLJKSDFNLSJA)

that’s all i’ve got for this post :) i’ll see you guys next saturday. much love xx