« my favorite youtubers !! »

hello everyone :) today i thought i would write a post about my current favorite youtubers and explain why i never want to miss one of their videos.

there’s thousands of creators on youtube, and i think the idea of it in itself is pretty cool. individuals creating their own space and building their own platform using their ideas and creativity.

it still does amaze me how successful some of these even young adults can accomplish on their own.

i’m just gonna go ahead and get right into it.

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1) emma chamberlain
emma never fails to make me laugh. she’s very much herself, even in front of millions of people and that by itself is very inspiring to me. her editing and personality make her videos so fun, (and her style and instagram are also super trendy).

it’s strange sometime to think of where emma is in her career compared to her age. she’s only a year older than me currently and so successful, and it amazes me how independent she’s been in all of that. emma’s videos are all original, and she spends countless hours editing them by herself.

seeing her self-built success at such a young age is a really cool thing for millions of people to be watching, especially with how firm she stands in who she is.

(just a quick note though, emma doesn’t block language out in her videos very often and she does run her mouth a lot. just so you all know).

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2) david dobrik
i’m sure most of you guys will know who this dude is. and if you don’t, you should check him out ;) david posts short vlogs every other day on his channel, and i look forward to every single one.

they’re four minute and twenty second videos full of craziness including flame throwers, paint ball guns, hospital visits, dumb stunts, drunk friends, and many more things.

the overall idea, his vlogs are him filming his friends doing crazy and dumb things and it’s really entertaining for me.

i like david himself for the person he is. not only is he funny, but he’s also one of the nicest guys i could ever hope to meet. he’s extremely generous and loving. sure he and his friends act immature in his vlogs and they do stupid stuff, but i can tell he’s a really composed person that cares for both the people he knows and every one of his fans.

(david also doesn’t block out language in his videos).


3) james charles
first of all, can i just say how proud i am that james’s channel recently became the top beauty channel on all of youtube.

james is the most talented mua and person in general i’ve ever seen. his makeup skills are beyond anything else, along with his singing and art abilities. every single one of his videos are incredible, and he deserves everything he’s worked so hard for.

there’s definitely a lot of controversy that comes along with supporting him, i’m sure. there is plenty within my family alone. i’ve heard my siblings refer to him as “the gay guy,” and i’ve had one specific family member tell me i shouldn’t support him because of how he identifies.

 this honestly makes me extremely frustrated. everyone has their own views and opinions on the LGBTQ+ community, and i know my views are different from my family’s, but no matter what you believe, i don’t think it’s acceptable in any way, shape, or form to belittle someone and their accomplishments in life because of how they identify. and that also shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to supporting them or having them as a role model.

the way james appears online and how confident he is in himself makes me want to support him more than anything else, regardless of who he’s attracted to, how he wants to dress and act, or anything else. he truly inspires me more than almost anybody.

(james may have some language in his videos as well).

and that’s that :) those are my top three favorite youtubers at the moment.

let's chat!

if you watch any of these youtubers, what are your opinions on them? who are some of your favorite youtubers?

that’s all i have for today, lovelies. have an amazing day.




« deeply rooted »

well, after exactly two months, it turns out mckenna is still alive. the good part about that is this is the first time in a while i can confidently say that’s a good thing

every one of my last few posts has had a short apology about my absence or some complaint about schedules and my busy life, but i wont bore you with one of those. this time i don’t really have an excuse because i only became busy again very recently and i’ve been getting better at managing my time.

but i will say that the past few months have been the most difficult in my life. i’ll spare you the details, but probably the past three or four months before new year i’ve been stressed, lonely, depressed, and all sorts of other negative things due to some things that happened in my life.

i’m not going to lie, it’s been miserable. but recently, i’ve also made some really incredible and real friends that build me up in the best ways. i’m starting to mature more and, yes, i’m becoming a more private person but it’s not a bad thing this time. it’s me realizing opening up to every person that shows you slight comfort isn’t always the best idea.

i guess i’m trying to say i’ve been gone again, but this time is wasn’t because i was too lazy to post, i didn’t think trying to write something for people to enjoy was the best idea with the things i was going through, and along with that i was self conscious about a lot of things and didn’t want to put myself through more stress.

but i’m here, and i’m growing, and 2019 has been off to one of the best starts i can imagine. i’m happy, life is getting better, and for the first time in a while i look forward to each new day.

and i’m going to try my hardest to post more here :)

unnamed (1)

enough chit chat, now for the real reason i’m here. MY OLDER SISTER STARTED A BLOG. i’m so excited for her to be doing this, and i think she’s going to really enjoy blogging and along with that the community :) (you all are literally the best).

laurianna is one of the strongest, most inspiring people i’ve ever met and i really am blessed to have her as an older sister and someone to look up to.

laurianna started her blog, called deeply rooted, to just share about her life, both the ups and downs, and the things God is sharing with her through her everyday life in hopes to spread encouragement and hope to people around her.

i decided to talk about this on my blog in hopes you all would possibly be up to sharing some love on her new platform cause shes been pretty excited :)

so that’s all for now, just a quick little life update and advertisement ;)

i hope everyone’s 2019 has been swell so far. and if it hasn’t, don’t worry, there’s still another 356 days left for it to turn around, and i really hope it does. love you all



« 200 follower q&a ft. random pictures »

unnamed (13)...

i’ve come to the conclusion that schedules of any kind whatsoever do not agree with me and i’m horrible at keeping with them :)

i feel so bad for being so inactive. it weird, whenever i think about writing a post it just doesn’t appeal to me, but when i finally decide to do it i have lots of fun.

idk what i’m saying, that’s very clearly just called lack of motivation so go me.

anywhooooooo, either way, i’m here! that’s…a good thing. i think. idk, i’m proud of me for showing up so SELF LOVE IF ANYTHING.

TODAY i finally decided to write my post for 200 followers. i had 0 ideas at first and then just decided to do a q&a. usually those scare me though, because no one actually leaves me questions so i’m just all lonely :’)

actually that’s false. i’ll actually put at the end of a random post, “drop me questions and i’ll do a q&a!” but then i totally forget what post that was because it was so random and i never find it again soooooo.

I KEEP GETTING SIDETRACKED BUT IT’S FINE. pretty much i’m going to be answering the questions you guys asked me, and along with that just dumping some random pictures i took at the pet store the other day. (there might be ones that aren’t from the pet store if i don’t have enough. but i’m not sure, i haven’t written the post yet).

unnamed (4).jpg

grace | gracefully in the moment’s questions:

-what’s your favorite food?
okay so idk how to answer this questions sometimes cause there’s lots of different categories?? like breakfast food? regular food? candy? dessert? IDK MAN.
i’m just gonna say mac and cheese of most kinds. but i don’t like all kinds either. i made this questions way too complicated i’m sorry.

-what’s youre favorite book of the bible?
probably proverbs or psalms. psalms you can find almost anything and i love flipping to random pages and reading verses. proverbs is full of so much wisdom.

-tea or coffee?
another hard one cause i almost said COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE but i’ve been drinking lots of hot tea recently. is both a valid answer??

-books or movies?
i just started reading more again lately and i love it, don’t get me wrong. but for me, i’m a visual person so i enjoy watching movies a lot. the only exception is when it’s a movie written after a book and they did a horrible job. then it drives me crazy.

unnamed (9).jpg

arabella | a happily ella after’s questions:

-what’s your favorite shop?
okay i’m not quite sure if you mean store or shop, but if we’re going with shop, i would say the small business called new creations where i live. it’s run by a couple in our church, and they sell all sorts of hand made things from local areas and also foreign countries to raise money and awareness against human and sex trafficking. not only do they sell lovely things, but it’s an amazing cause.

-who is someone that you admire?
this might seem cheesy but i would say both tyler joseph and josh dun. they are both incredible people and i look up to them in every way and admire the lives they live.

-what is your zodiac sign?
okay so like i don’t believe in horoscopes so i don’t fully understand them. but i think i’m a scorpio?? idk, from what i’ve heard about those peeps it would make sense.

unnamed (5)

vaishnavi | written in star’s questions:

-why did you want to start a blog?
*throw back to when i found loren’s blog, let’s me lost, through the link in her pinterest*
after that, ^ i thought it would be really fun to start my own blog and see if i enjoyed it. turns out, i did and i do, so here i am :)

-what are some of your biggest inspirations?
i would say people i look up to and admire (aka josh and tyler + others). (it’s a long list).

-what’s your favorite genre of music?
i would have to say alternative. is that a genre? idek. soft music that gets you in your feels. under alternative is usually where i find those types of songs. otherwise pop.

unnamed (10).jpg

starling’s questions:

-which do you prefer: cats or dogs?
DOGS. i don’t especially like cats unless it’s my own, but i would love a cherish every single precious dog i meet if i had the opportunity.

-do you like k-pop?
i’ve actually never listened to it so i couldn’t tell ya haha

-when did you start this blog?
*goes and checks my about page cause i would never know without it*
MAY OF 2017

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tania | write owl’s questions:

-what is something you will NEVER do again?
i’m trying to think of something terrible or unbearable that i’ve done (heheh that rhymed). to be completely honest i sat here for like ten minutes and couldn’t think of anything specific so idk what to say. but there’s something in the back of my mind that i know gives me insane anxiety when i think about it but i can’t remember what it is at the moment. i’ll just say i probably won’t ever throw a sippy cup at my brother’s face and split his lip open again.

-among your friends and family, what are you famous for?
these are great questions, dang.
being loud. i’m a very loud person whether that be pertaining to my voice or my personality.

-if you were the last human on earth, what would you do?
probably cry a lot first of all because being alone scares me a lot. but i would probably raid chick-fil-a and move everything i own or stole into it and just live there.

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gaby | quaint and darling’s questions:

-iced coffee or tea?
again i kinda like both, but if ice coffee is in the picture, i’d definitely go with that. i could drink ice coffee all day every day.

-what’s your favorite animal?
probably dog. they’re just so cute :)

-what’s your favorite movie?
at the moment, probably spiderman homecoming because TOM HOLLAND AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT??? it changes a lot though.

-unicorn or dragon?
heckin dragon. i’ve wanted my own since how to train your dragons. like can someone make that happen for me please and thank you.

unnamed (7).jpg

allison | a farm girl’s life’s questions:

-what is one of your pet peeves?
when i’m trying to talk to someone about something serious and they either keep making jokes or keep interrupting you about stupid stuff even though they keep saying “go ahead” or “keep going”

-what’s your favorite hymn?
okay tbh we sing them in church sometimes but i don’t know the names of any of them soooooo…

-what’s your favorite eye/hair/skin combo?
like on a person?? um…tan skin, dark or brown hair and either blue or brown eyes.

-if you could only eat one food group for two days, which one would you choose?
fruits fruits fruits. i know vedgetables are also included but like nahhhh.

-do you think of days of the week or shapes as being certain colors?
oh wow interesting question. i actually dont. whenever i think about things in my mind, i picture the word. like is spell it out in my head and think of that.

-town or country?
probably town, tbh. or city.

-what’s one unpopular belief or opinion you have?
vaping/smoking/juuling isn’t cool or fun or impressive. it’s actually gross and everyone should stop right now, please and thank you.

-the classic: if you could only take three things to a desert island, what would they be and why?
a whole chick-fil-a building with all the food and stuff, probably my best friend, and a boat.

-how long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
oh not long at all. i’m pretty sure i fall asleep wayyyy faster than the average person. i crash, man.

-do you prefer your marshmallows straight out of the package, lightly warmed, perfectly toasted, or burnt to a crisp?
maybe this could count as an unpopular opinion, but i actually don’t like marshmallows. i can have like one on a s’more and that’s enough for me. but if i had to choose, i would say perfectly toasted.

unnamed (12).jpg

hazel | hey, it’s hazel’s questions:

-what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
mint oreo :D secondary would be vanilla because you can put almost anything on it.

-where do you love to shop the most?
goodwill, H&M, and amazon :)

-what’s the weirdest food you’ve eaten?
i’ve had squid. i think there’s a lot more but that’s the one i know off the top of my head.

unnamed (8).jpg

catharine | a little bit of runion’s question:

-if you could live in one book, what would it be and why?
harry potter. i feel like it’s basic to say you want to go to hogwarts after reading the books, but seriously i do. especially after going to universal studios. it was crazy.

and that’s all :) yes, i realize the only pictures were fish a budgies, but at least they were cute??

i won’t rant about reaching 200 followers or anything, but i will say thank you, and i appreciate all of you so much :) this blog is kinda crazy and messy, so it kinda shocks me every time i think of having on follower, but thank you.

i can’t promise i’ll blog much, but i can promise i’ll try my hardest.

i love you all :)) have a good day.



« huji app review/pictures »

heyo folks! :D i hope school has been going alright lately. it’s been a little weird for me lately but i’m keeping up with everything so i’m stress free at the end of each day.

i’m here with another app review! i really enjoyed doing my last one and decided to do another one with one of my favorite apps :)


huji is an app that turns your pictures into 1990’s film like a disposable camera, and even adds cute effects like a small date in the corner and light effects.

i saw people posting pictures from huji all over instagram and wasn’t sure what app it was until one of my friends told me when i was at a camp retreat. i really enojoyed using it that weekend with my friends and having super cute pictures come out for results :)

i’m going to go through the pros and cons of this app and then post some pictures from my gallery.

– huji always has some SUPER cute results and gives your pictures a little something extra
– you can thankfully save the pictures to your camera role so you don’t have you go into the app for them every time
– the app is layed out well and easy to navigate
– the light effects added to the pictures makes them very pretty and unique

– huji kills your battery FAST. staying on the app for even a short amount of time will drop your percentage very fast. this is unfortunate in situations where you’re away from home or traveling without a way to charge your phone but still wanting to take pictures
– you can’t touch the screen to use color correction on huji. it’s hard to focus the camera on very bright things
– the light effects are completely random and can sometimes cover up your photos. also color filters vary depending on the lighting
– it’s very hard to edit pictures taken on huji anymore than they already are. trying to change them after using this app makes them look very over-edited very easily


unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg

unnamed (3).jpg

unnamed (4).jpg

unnamed (5).jpg

unnamed (6).jpg

unnamed (7).jpg


i feel like my pros and cons made this app look kinda bad, but overall i really do enjoy using it! i tend to use my regular camera more often due to the fact i can edit them easier without them looking crazy edited, but huji does add some super cool effects and filters to pictures. you never know how huji will make something look until you try it out :)

let's chat!

do you have huji? what do you think of the app? what apps would you like to see me do reviews on in the future?

off topic from this post, today was 9/11 and i want to make it known my heart goes out to everyone who was personally effected by the devastating event over the past years, especially today and every day.

i hope you all have an amazing rest of the week. remember the God you serve and the One within you is greater than anything you experience.



« ultimately »


ultimately i don’t understand a thing. i try to do the best i can, i know you try to do the same.

we’re just so bound to make mistakes. you could call it deposition.

i apologize for all your tears, i wish i could be different.

but i’m still growing up into the one you can call your love.

i don’t know if i’ll ever be enough. i’m throwing in my chips, i guess i tend to push my luck.

and ultimately i believe we’ll be okay. it’s so cliché to say these things, but repetition is key.

i think i’m better when i’m with you, but i worry when you’re gone. i think i need to learn to love myself; i must learn to be strong.

so for now…we’ll say goodbye although it pains me in my heart. your words they come to me in memories. they sing to me like songs.

it won’t be long until i’m here. soon i’ll make my arrival under shady trees, a quiet street. the roads that i have traveled.

ultimately it’s a beautiful thing. like flowers blooming in a lonely field, the petals drift through crossing winds.

they find their way to river streams. that scent the water beautifully.

it takes me back to you.

khai dreams