« summer is HERE / life updates »

hello everyone. what are the odds, it’s been a while…again.  life has been as hectic as ever for me and my family and we’re just getting starting with summer here now.

i thought i would update you all on my plans for this summer and also just life in general for me at the moment.

as of my last post…i’m not exactly friends anymore with the person i made that bucket list with. no hate and no shade at all, they just kinda ghosted me out of no where. yeah, it sucked, but i’ve gotten over it and i’m not letting it ruin my summer or my plans.

summer JUST started for me and i’ve already done some of the things on that list that i’ve never done before. reddish knob being on of those.


last sunday, i spent 12 hours out of the house, 11 of those with my best friends. we did tons of things like lunch, fishing, and hung out at reddish knob for the sunset, even though storms rolled in right before we could see it.

i was outdoors pretty much the entire day and it was amazing. this sunday, we’re planning on going hiking and sitting in hammocks for most of the day at an overlook :) i told my mom i want to start spending sundays out of the house and doing active things.

renew camp 2019 is also coming up, starting NEXT weekend which is wild. and the first night of renew i’m going to the twenty one pilots concert in charlottesville with my friend nick :D


besides all this, lifeguarding started again and so did swim team. i’m not coaching this year but i’m helping out when i need to and also teaching swim lessons.

my parents are very involved both with the pool and the swim team so i’ve been there for one thing or another every day so far and that continues through the whole summer.

i don’t think i had my license when i wrote my last post, but i do now, and i LOVE it. i’m still looking around for a car. i’ll get there eventually.


and as for my family, my sister is in africa. she left not too long ago and as of now is spending 10 months serving in various parts of the country. although she may end up staying a year or longer in the end depending on the demand for help at the time.

this summer, the rest of 2019, and the beginning of 2020 will all be very different without her and it also puts me in a very different position being the oldest sibling in the house.

BUT..i do get to redecorate my room soon :) i’m getting a queen bed and i’m rearranging and repainting.


that’s about all i can think of right now :)

let's chat!

what are your plans for this summer? would you like to see me do a room tour once i redecorate my room? let me know down below :) 




« the summer of 2k19 | my bucket list »

hello there :)

i’m trying to think of something to say and i can’t, SO. welcome. today i’m going to be sharing my big plans for the summer of 2k19 with you guys. (they’re not that big, but it’s gonna make this summer the best i’ve had so far).

this summer, i’m going to have my license and HOPEFULLY my own car. of course that won’t give me as much freedom as i’m probably expecting, but considering my mom requires at least two business days to plan anything, not needing rides places sure will be a blessing.

me and one of my best friends put together a bucket list not too long ago of things we want to do once i get my license and also when it gets a little warmer. i’m not gonna ramble anymore. (i’m also going to be including pictures from last summer).

our bucket list:

2018-07-20 12_59_50.124.jpg

1) reddish knob
reddish knob is a huge overlook close to area i live. it’s a very sketchy area, i won’t lie. but if you catch a sunset up there, it’s absolutely stunning. we wanna go up there some time and just hang out.

2018-08-16 20_08_44.251.jpg

2) hiking w/ picnic
pretty self-explanatory. i’m not sure where we’ll go hiking, we have lots of choices, but the picnic is a given.

2018-08-16 20_37_28.370

3) puppy palace
there’s a small shop in town where you can go in, sit in a small room, and play with puppies. literally the best thing ever. i’ve been once, but my friend hasn’t and i promised i’d take them :)

2018-08-16 20_55_39.437.jpg

4) sushi
they’re the only person in their family that likes sushi, so on the day we go to the puppy place, we’re most likely going to go to the sushi place next door.

2018-07-24 18_53_24.972.jpg

5) sunset/stargazing
i would say we would do this at reddish knob, but i don’t think staying there past dark would be a good idea. we’ll probably do these a couple times.

2018-05-03 17_04_09.489.jpg

6) movie marathon
my friend in convinced i’ve missed out on some of the best movies in existence during my lifetime, so we’re going to have a marathon at some point to watch some of them.

2018-05-03 09_26_26.057.jpg

7) movie
there’s some super great movies coming to theaters soon :D

2018-08-14 19_31_23.527.jpg

8) bowling/mini golfing

2018-04-25 13_50_04.067.jpg

9) the fair
every summer, the fair is one of my favorite places to go the week it’s open. i’ll probably be going most nights.

2018-03-24 14_01_24.819.jpg

10) hide and seek
my friend is convinced they are the best hide and seek player to ever live. we tried playing at work once and i found them right away but apparently that “doesn’t count” so we have to play an actual game some time to decide who’s superior.

2018-07-22 17_11_16.330.jpg

11) tie dye shirts
i’ve always wanted to do this with someone. i’m going to try and do a hoodie :)

2018-07-07 17_29_00.325.jpg

12) facemasks
i l o v e doing facemasks, but i’ve never done them with someone else before, so this one is 100% happening

2018-04-28 19_25_15.350.jpg

13) kayaking
my family owns two really nice kayaks that we only really get to use when we go camping. i’m hoping to go to the lake close to our house several times this summer possible.

2018-05-16 21_19_18.945.jpg

14) bonfire

2018-07-21 21_04_12.806.jpg

15) fear forest
around halloween, a giant scare trail near my house opens for a week. i’ve only been once, and i didn’t get to go in 2018 which bummed me out.

2018-08-23 19_46_09.236.jpg

16) jess’ milkshakes
downtown, there’s a really cute restaurant that i love. when my sibling and i were young, our dad would take us there on “dates” to get burgers and chocolate milkshakes. i went just the other week and the milkshake brought back so many happy memories :)

unnamed (13)....jpg

well, that’s our bucket list. if we don’t finish doing all these things this summer, we’re gonna keep going until the whole thing is checked off. i can’t even describe how excited i am for this summer :)))

let's chat!

do you have any plans for the summer of 2k19? what are some things on your bucket list? let me know in the comments :)



« screw laziness and procrastination »

hello everyone :) EVERY one of my most recent posts has had some sort of short apology for not being active which has honestly been annoying me.

this time, i’m just gonna say, yes, it’s been a month or more since my last post. yes, i had plenty of opportunities and free time that i could have posted. did i? obviously not.

BUT. i am VERY happy to say that i’ve really started to get my life together recently. i’m honestly tired of how lazy i’ve been for months on end. i’ve been working most days at the jump park, getting home and quickly rushing through my school without picking up any information, and then laying around the rest of the night on youtube and snap chat, etc…

it drove and drives me insane, but i was never able to motivate myself to do anything productive. my room was always CRAZY messy and homework that i didn’t bother with kept piling up. i was slacking off at work and getting in trouble. i could have had my license on the 12th, but i was too lazy to catch up on quizzes that my mom wanted me to do before getting it.

everything was just aggravating me. but just a few days ago, i decided to change that. so no apology for not posting, because i’m not going to regret how lazy i’ve been for so long. but i am making changes.

i’ve been working much harder at work and keeping in good spirits instead of being pessimistic about it. i’ve started working harder on school, and i’m going to start catching up on everything i’m behind on. after school every day, i’ve started working out and exercising at home. i’m also starting to eat healthier, i’m drinking more water, AND being more wise with my money. i just got done cleaning my whole room and organizing my closet which i never touch and just shove stuff into. and i’m also here posting again, which i’m very happy to be doing. along with all that, i’m starting behind the wheel tomorrow which means i’ll have my license in a matter of days.

i’m also looking harder and harder for a car, which means i’ll be driving alone before i know it and i couldn’t be more excited.

this summer is on it’s way fast, and i’ve got big plans :) i’m going to be working three jobs at the pool again, doing swim team (which also helps drastically with getting in shape, and i can’t wait), and i have a huge bucket list that i’m going to be tackling with one of my friends, (to be seen in my next post. *wink*).

i’ve only been working harder on stuff for about five days, yes. and usually things like this fail after about a week for me. but for once, i’m actually enjoying what i’m doing and i feel amazing about it.

so, this is not an apology for not posting, just a quick little life update about how i’m feeling and the things i’m doing. screw laziness and procrastination.

i’m done with them :)




« my favorite youtubers !! »

hello everyone :) today i thought i would write a post about my current favorite youtubers and explain why i never want to miss one of their videos.

there’s thousands of creators on youtube, and i think the idea of it in itself is pretty cool. individuals creating their own space and building their own platform using their ideas and creativity.

it still does amaze me how successful some of these even young adults can accomplish on their own.

i’m just gonna go ahead and get right into it.

unnamed (2).jpg

1) emma chamberlain
emma never fails to make me laugh. she’s very much herself, even in front of millions of people and that by itself is very inspiring to me. her editing and personality make her videos so fun, (and her style and instagram are also super trendy).

it’s strange sometime to think of where emma is in her career compared to her age. she’s only a year older than me currently and so successful, and it amazes me how independent she’s been in all of that. emma’s videos are all original, and she spends countless hours editing them by herself.

seeing her self-built success at such a young age is a really cool thing for millions of people to be watching, especially with how firm she stands in who she is.

(just a quick note though, emma doesn’t block language out in her videos very often and she does run her mouth a lot. just so you all know).

unnamed (3).jpg

2) david dobrik
i’m sure most of you guys will know who this dude is. and if you don’t, you should check him out ;) david posts short vlogs every other day on his channel, and i look forward to every single one.

they’re four minute and twenty second videos full of craziness including flame throwers, paint ball guns, hospital visits, dumb stunts, drunk friends, and many more things.

the overall idea, his vlogs are him filming his friends doing crazy and dumb things and it’s really entertaining for me.

i like david himself for the person he is. not only is he funny, but he’s also one of the nicest guys i could ever hope to meet. he’s extremely generous and loving. sure he and his friends act immature in his vlogs and they do stupid stuff, but i can tell he’s a really composed person that cares for both the people he knows and every one of his fans.

(david also doesn’t block out language in his videos).


3) james charles
first of all, can i just say how proud i am that james’s channel recently became the top beauty channel on all of youtube.

james is the most talented mua and person in general i’ve ever seen. his makeup skills are beyond anything else, along with his singing and art abilities. every single one of his videos are incredible, and he deserves everything he’s worked so hard for.

there’s definitely a lot of controversy that comes along with supporting him, i’m sure. there is plenty within my family alone. i’ve heard my siblings refer to him as “the gay guy,” and i’ve had one specific family member tell me i shouldn’t support him because of how he identifies.

 this honestly makes me extremely frustrated. everyone has their own views and opinions on the LGBTQ+ community, and i know my views are different from my family’s, but no matter what you believe, i don’t think it’s acceptable in any way, shape, or form to belittle someone and their accomplishments in life because of how they identify. and that also shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to supporting them or having them as a role model.

the way james appears online and how confident he is in himself makes me want to support him more than anything else, regardless of who he’s attracted to, how he wants to dress and act, or anything else. he truly inspires me more than almost anybody.

(james may have some language in his videos as well).

and that’s that :) those are my top three favorite youtubers at the moment.

let's chat!

if you watch any of these youtubers, what are your opinions on them? who are some of your favorite youtubers?

that’s all i have for today, lovelies. have an amazing day.



« deeply rooted »

well, after exactly two months, it turns out mckenna is still alive. the good part about that is this is the first time in a while i can confidently say that’s a good thing

every one of my last few posts has had a short apology about my absence or some complaint about schedules and my busy life, but i wont bore you with one of those. this time i don’t really have an excuse because i only became busy again very recently and i’ve been getting better at managing my time.

but i will say that the past few months have been the most difficult in my life. i’ll spare you the details, but probably the past three or four months before new year i’ve been stressed, lonely, depressed, and all sorts of other negative things due to some things that happened in my life.

i’m not going to lie, it’s been miserable. but recently, i’ve also made some really incredible and real friends that build me up in the best ways. i’m starting to mature more and, yes, i’m becoming a more private person but it’s not a bad thing this time. it’s me realizing opening up to every person that shows you slight comfort isn’t always the best idea.

i guess i’m trying to say i’ve been gone again, but this time is wasn’t because i was too lazy to post, i didn’t think trying to write something for people to enjoy was the best idea with the things i was going through, and along with that i was self conscious about a lot of things and didn’t want to put myself through more stress.

but i’m here, and i’m growing, and 2019 has been off to one of the best starts i can imagine. i’m happy, life is getting better, and for the first time in a while i look forward to each new day.

and i’m going to try my hardest to post more here :)

unnamed (1)

enough chit chat, now for the real reason i’m here. MY OLDER SISTER STARTED A BLOG. i’m so excited for her to be doing this, and i think she’s going to really enjoy blogging and along with that the community :) (you all are literally the best).

laurianna is one of the strongest, most inspiring people i’ve ever met and i really am blessed to have her as an older sister and someone to look up to.

laurianna started her blog, called deeply rooted, to just share about her life, both the ups and downs, and the things God is sharing with her through her everyday life in hopes to spread encouragement and hope to people around her.

i decided to talk about this on my blog in hopes you all would possibly be up to sharing some love on her new platform cause shes been pretty excited :)

so that’s all for now, just a quick little life update and advertisement ;)

i hope everyone’s 2019 has been swell so far. and if it hasn’t, don’t worry, there’s still another 356 days left for it to turn around, and i really hope it does. love you all